The 100 Day Reality Challenge

If I were to ask you "who are you"? What would be your answer?

This is Jilly ...and she is opening a can of worms.

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Oh Jilly..what a great discussion,literally!!!

Who am I ?....Well first I would say I am energy,I am energy in a human body.I would also say so are you and all other's.So am I a collective energy of all with only a body and ego to differenciate one from another?.If indeed that does so!.I am my higher self and also connected to a human personality.

I use this phrase as I feel my higher self is somewhat different to my human self.

When I stay connected to higher self, I am so much more removed from the trivialities involved with my "human" self.

I was thinking earlier about channeling and thought we are constantly doing this...we are taking a feeling and translating that into word's.So I am my creator who channels/translates my feeling's.

I think I chose my human form personality traits from my catalouge before I arrived.Although I may have developed them with my life that I have lead so far.I say this as each seem's to react differently to situation's so it must be that we all see in our own unique ways.If we look at babie's and even at there young age are so unique and all different.

I may even think that we are one consciosness who chose to live this human journey in many many different forms and way's.Therefore creating infinate possibilities.To require a learning experience ,that can only be achieved in this physical form.

Wow Jilly I am interested to hear your view's and of our other co's....

You have a loaded question....and if I know you,you have a loaded answer!!!:)

we are one,beautiful creator's where we have no limit's or fear's.For we KNOW and REMEMBER what we really are and our power,beauty and trust in this is ourselves.

Love your discussion xxx


Hi K-M, my dearest good friend and co-creator.

Yes, you are energy...but more importantly you are on the right track when saying you are your higher self. So my question to you would be is "who is your higher self "?

Remember when thinking about your answer....I didn't ask "what you are".......I asked "who" are you.

I challenge you to go deep within the eons of time and space to seek the answer of "who" you are.

You know me well my friend...very well. Hugs J

Well this most certainly is a can of worms...HAHA. Who am I? Well I believe I am one, one with the universe, one with everyone and everything, whose greatest purpose in life is to be the best "person" I can be while loving life in this temporary home I call my body.

Hi Deb, I guess I made you give it some thought.

So you say you are:

  • "one"
  • "one with the universe"
  • "one with everyone"
  • "one with everything"
  • "the best person"

Ok, we are getting somewhere. Remember, I didn't ask you "what" you are.

My question was "who are you"?

So now you have established what you are above. Let me now ask you:

  • Who is the "one"?
  • Who is the "one with the Universe"?
  • Who is the "one with Everything"?
  • Who is the "best person"?
  • Who has a "temporary home called body"?
I challenge you also Deb, (as I have Kelli-Michelle in my reply to her), go deep within the eons of time and space to seek the answer of "who" you are.

Well actually no I didn't think about what I replied, just what I believe to be the truth.

The one being source call it god,call it universe or whatever you will. Who is one with the universe....we all are.

Who is one with everything...once again we all are. Who is the best person.....someone who loves unconditionally...without prejudice or judgement. That being said..........we are spirit....some say who we are may be defined by the decisions we make. I think not. Who I am is simply a part of everything and everyone...regardless of race, age, gender ,spiritual beliefs and the like.

Who has a temporary home caledl body....we all do. The body houses the soul and my soul is who I am.

Yeah so, I'm not really good at getting things like this across so I hope you get what I mean.



B I N G O....You are your SOUL being. That is exactly who you are. You are SOUL first and foremost. Deb is the Personality in the physical body that houses the SOUL that is experiencing the density of Earth's plane.

Let me ask you you pay attention to your SOUL and its purpose?

I love this don't you? Hugs J

Oh dearest Jilly your enthusiasm always makes me smile. Yes I do pay attention to the soul....although there are times when ego gets in the way. Do I pay attention to its purpose...yes as a matter of fact I do...once again that purpose is to be the best I can be by loving unconditonally and without prejudice, to be one with source, to live with the firm belief that I am no better or no worse that all around me. But as one with all. By those actions alone we enrich our lives and the lives of those around us.  That being said we may not always accept or respect the decisions or actions of those around us, but it is the soul that deserves our respect and unconditional love.

Oh yes I certainly do love this.

BINGO........OOOH thanks for the reminder I am volunteering for one next week, I must remember to put it on my calander.

Hugs back at you little lady!


Hi Deb, All this leads us to who our soul being is and how it operates.  The soul is not physical, yet it is the force field of our being. The higher self is not physical, yet it is  the living template of the evolved human, the fully awakened personality you would call DEB in your case, in mine Jilly.

The experience of intuition cannot be explained in terms of the five senses, because it is the voice of the nonphysical world. Therefore, it is not possible to understand your soul or your higher self or your intuition with out coming to terms with the existence of nonphysical reality.


You see Deb, it is through the wisdom and knowledge that the Soul brings that the truth can be revealed. The 5 sensory personality can't see it.

I'm just throwing this in for good measure....leading to good discussions among soul friends. I am experiencing great joy in crossing paths with you Deb.



Oh Jilly...I love this!...Right have thought deeper!..Tonight I watched a show and the man had developed amnesia.He could not remember anything up until the point he awoke.He was very different to the character he had played before.He seemed to not yet have developed any preferences as all was so new to him.His wife and brother kept trying to remind him of "who he was" but he just didnt recollect. They had this view of him, that without his memory also sharing ,was no longer there!That made me think....they and him share memorie's together,and each day they awake with ther previous memory of that person ,expecting that they will be the same each day(within reason)..But an expectation was there.So without his memorie's he was just who he was.He was not the expected personality .

Just threw that one in as it seemed to kind of synchronise with your discussion.


Dear KM, I would love to know the name of the movie you watched. We are like that person that had amnesia. We have forgotten who we are and what our purpose is. We are our soul and we are on a soul journey to learn. Earth is a school of learning for our soul.

So many of us are disconnected to who we really are. We see ourselves as the "personality" of DEB,KM and Jilly. This state of physical personality called KM, Deb and Jilly are only temporary.

To know our to liken to wisdom and knowledge of its purpose. When our souls contracted to this physical, the personality took over. The personality took the path of fear to deal with lessons at hand. We are now awakening to who we really are. Our soul takes the path of love and joy bringing about wisdom and knowledge to learn what it is we need to learn on Earths Plane.

I am so full of joy that our souls have crossed paths on this journey.

Sending you much love...Jilly

Oh and ps he said" I don't know who I am"...just adding a bit here too the syncronicity!:)

What have you got up your sleeve her then Jilly!!!:)

Love discussing xxx

Pps ..Hi Deb... I really like your input to this discussion...nice to connect with you :) If it was just me Jilly would get bored!!:)

( just jokin' you Jilly);)


love and peace x



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