The 100 Day Reality Challenge

If I were to ask you "who are you"? What would be your answer?

This is Jilly ...and she is opening a can of worms.

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I am a creative spirit dancing in the universe.
Hi Diana, Thanks for stopping by this discussion and participating. So what I'm getting here is that WHAT you are is a dancer.  WHERE you are is in the Universe. WHO you are is a spirit. But tell me now, WHO is the spirit energy that you are?

Hi Jilly,

in some yoga philosophical discussions on this subject, it is often stated, I am not this, I am not that, and it is what is left after all the 'nots'.  I love this statement below: I feel it translates closely  to who we are. Because who we really are is not in words or even in the mind, but it goes beyond the mind. Though it is a lovely, calming and useful activity for the mind to consider and ponder. Bless you for asking the question! Wow what a way to start the day.

some yogic chants can take you there .... paragate, paragate, paragate, (beyond, beyond, beyond)


There is a vitality, a life-force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique.  ~Martha Graham

VERY NICE Quote ! Thank you.

Yes I agree, who we are is not in the does go beyond the mind. I liken it to the essence of a flower when we pass by and for a moment we take in with our senses its fragrance. It is so much more than what our mind gives thought to. Like the quote...there is a life-force that reaches and sur-passes all meaning. It is its essence that is the greater attraction.

This is what I can only imagine my SOUL to be...that which can "Never Not Be". (is that the not that is left over?)

Thank you Diana for adding this brilliant reply to this discussion for all to ponder.

Splendid, Simply Splendid! Blessing my friend, Jilly


I'm a human being created in God's infinite wisdom and struggling to be a better me and give meaning and purpose to my life. I  have have flaws which I'm trying to overcome. have been fearful ,suffered from abandonment issues brought about by others idiosyncrasies. It is difficult to ascertain why people belief that some members of their families are beneath them it should never have anything. I feel that every parent should make it there business to provide adequately for their children and if you can't or won't do so give them to someone who will not pass them on to relatives who don't give a flying fig about them. If you are raised around people and know they are abused, pedophiles,  addicts then why bring a child into this continuum. Kids are innocent and shouldn't be subjected to someone else's drama because the bad situation will only get worse and kids deserve to be happy.

Hi Rhonda, I just read your response with a happy heart I will ask you some "What ifs" to ponder.


What if: I were to propose to you that your parents didn't pick you, but YOU picked your parents. What then would it tell you about your meaningful purpose you seek while participating in a physical body while participating on Earths plane?

What if: What if you didn't have to struggle to be a better you , because you are perfect just as you are as a spiritual soul being,... trying to align with the physical dimensions you have contracted to fulfill in a physical body?

Regarding the people/children/kids you talk of that are in a setting you described...Only they will learn the meaning of their circumstances and the roll they are to play while participating on this earth journey.

Many blessings to you Rhonda. Love and Joy, Jilly

I AM that I AM or, as Popeye the one-eyed sailor would say, "I am what I am." LOL! There is a lot of truth in there...
So what is that "I AM" that you say you are?
I AM beingness, the all that is
Isn't it wonderful to reflect on "beingness" in this vessel we call a physical body? This that you call beingness is occuping a physical body here on planet earth. Do you ever ponder what roll is ...on earths plane?
Have any of you considered who your soul is?



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