The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Where do you begin if you've always been single?

And what do you do, if after using the LOA for a long period of time, say years, and still nothing has happened?

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First I would also like to say I am in agreement with CalmWind's reply.

My two cents now.

I was dating on and off, never giving the idea of being single any attention. Then one day I broke up with the guy I was dating , I just cut it quick. The next day I spent the day doing laundry, reading a book at the park and honestly never gave it a thought that I was single again or not dating. I went about my business more as if I was available. That afternoon while reading that book I met my Husband of 30 years. I guess you might say I needed to be "single" to be "available" to my hubby to be. So don't look at yourself as being "single"...instead, look at yourself as being "available".

thats a new way of looking at it, thanks!

 LightningBug sometimes it helps when others get in on the manifestation with you. I am willing to help and visualize with you. What type of man do you desire? how does he look? What is the one thing that you love about him and he loves about you? Where do you see yourself going on your first date with that man? And what are you wearing? how do you feel when you're around him? What will you mom or dad say about him? 

Oh Heavens, I disagree with this reply. You can't created for others, only yourself.

One of the great teachings of the ages, which has been lost until recent times, is that we create our own reality. If you get this concept, that you are the one creating everything in your reality, ... if you get that it's YOUR dream - no one else's - that everything in it is created by you ... when you understand that your external world is simply the print out of your internal landscape - you will then be able to take responsibility for your life and choose consciously how you will create it to be.

(Smile) We respectfully agree to disagree on this..... Yes, you are the one creating your reality own,  but there are power in numbers. You can create with others, if you both get in agreement. This is what I suggested. How do you suppose people get laws passed and create a certain culture with others together. Everything we see and observe in our realities don't necessarily come from us, but through us. There are alot of players that we allow to help us play out our reality.  

I definitely agree with you Proverbs 31 that you can cocreate with others. That is what this site is dedicated to! I am currently in one of my 100 day challenges and I would love if you can help me visualize my mate as well (since that is what this particular challenge is about) :) The kind of man that I want is humble, honest, and has a great sense of humor. He is family oriented and wants to have a big family of his own one day. He is tall (at least 5'10), has a great smile, and arms that are secure enough to give the best hugs ever! Lol What I love about him is he is chivalrous and is not afraid to express his feelings (but does so in a respectful manner). He accepts my busy work schedule, my family, and my friends wholeheartedly. What he loves about me is that I embody everything that he has always wanted in a partner just by being who I am. He is health conscious and always inspires me to be the best version of myself that I can be. For our first date, we go to a play or an amusement park and spend the whole day getting to know each other. How I feel when I'm around him is beyond words but if I had to describe it, I would say I feel butterflies in my stomach, love, passion, and happiness that (although I feel happy without him) is intensified when I am around him. My parents love him because he is kind, intelligent, and thoughtful and can talk to them about their interests.

You all are just asking for chaos. What one person in visions as humble , honest etc is completely different than what someone else in visions as humble, honest etc.. I will continue to disagree.

This is such a simple process and you all are making it into a huge project. The Law is not this complicated. You should instead let the Universe align the perfect mate. If you don't think the Universe is capable of such a invite chaos. Your only task is to make yourself available. Setting the table for two made me laugh. If I set the table for two it would only remind me that I was single and no one was there with me. Only being real here.

Jill it's definitely ok to disagree. But I think it's worth a shot to work on cocreating with others. I mean that is the main concept of this site so there are obviously people that believe that it is possible for others to hold good intentions for you and add to the good feelings you have which in turn helps you align with what you desire. I think you are getting too caught up in the details of this. Yes people have different ideas of what humble, honest, etc mean but I think the point is to gain support from others in manifesting what you want. And if making a dinner for two reminds you of being single then what about making sure to sleep on your side of the bed if your partner was already there? I have read countless books and articles about LOA that say you need to act as if you already have what you want...therefore if you only cook for yourself, hog up the whole bed when you sleep, wait until you get a mate to do certain activities, etc then that behavior, to me, invites chaos. You focus on lack and you get lack. And LOA is a simple process but many of us have had to undo years of negative thinking and focusing on lack so it may take some a little longer to master how LOA works. I'm happy for you that you figured out how to use LOA in a way that works for you but I think it's also ok for others to admit that there are struggles at times to use LOA in a positive way.

Well, its not acting as if you are already in a relationship. Its feeling you are already in a relationship.

No amount of going to the movies by myself and pretending Im actually on a date will make me feel good. I'm just going to feel like even lonelier that I went to the movies by myself :/p>

So feeling has to proceed action, thats the real challenge!

Lightening bug I think you uncovered the block that you are experiencing. I don't think going to the movies means to pretend you are on a date. Instead it is getting comfortable enough to where you can enjoy your own company. I have gone to the movies by myself and even traveled by myself and at first it feels a little awkward lol But after awhile you enjoy the freedom of doing something pleasurable whether someone is with you or not. Most people I know that have partners have at some point had to learn to enjoy themselves regardless of who is with them. If you feel lonely just because you go to the movies by yourself then it sounds like you are indirectly telling the universe that you can only be happy with a partner and the universe sees that as focusing on a "lack of a partner" and thereby brings you more of that. But I am loving this discussion cause it is a reminder to me that I also need to get back out there and do more activities that i like right now instead of waiting to do them with someone else. The basics are happiness attracts happiness and lack attracts lack so if we all could find ways to find some happiness every day then eventually a partner will come to us and it will be because we are happy with or without a partner :)

Hi Nikki,


I guess we have the same man in mind :D more than happy to help you co-create this man with you.



Thanks for the offer! It takes me a while to find the right words.

I don't want to be too hung up on details, I wanna give the universe some space. But I do like a kind of guy who's youthful in all areas of life and just lives for simple good wholesome fun. The whole romantic date thing goes over my head, so maybe we'll play some video games instead. I feel joy when he walks in the room, when he smiles or says my name. And a deep sense of joyful connection when I'm with him.


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