The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I would like to start this discussion as a question.

Suppose your were the earth?

You are the earth which is a creation of the creator source, just as humans are a creation of Source. We (us and the earth) are all part of the Creator/Source.

So now going back to the issue at hand. You are the earth and you have a terrible ailment. You are sick and the cause of the sickness is negitive emotions residing in and about the surface of you(remember you are the earth).

You are showing terrible signs of this ailment. You are starting to fall apart at the seams.

So how would you rid yourself of this ailment?


A must see...Very Powerful.

I know what I would do, but I would like to hear from you first my fellow co-creators.



Lilou's interview with Deloras Cannon "we are fleas".



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Hi Jilly, If I were to imagine I am the earth I would imagine that I am full of health ,full of strength and in no way able to be penetrated in a negative way by anything xxx
If I were the earth I would know that there is nothing but wellbeing. I would not be concerned because the 'ailment' is only a very small tic on a massive surface of beauty that can return to wellness at any time. I know that positive emotions and my self-alignment are so much more powerful than any flimsy negative emotions that may be around. I am the earth!! I only see what is good. trees, mountains, oceans, life.. it is good! I am evolving always into smthg better :)
Very good Brandy !
We talked about the cause which was the Negative effects.
We talked about the effects which was the falling apart at the seams.

Brandy talks about another cause which is thoughts of wellbeing and positive emotions.
What now is the effect of what Brandy and Kelli in agreement are proposing?

Let me stage an example:
I am earth. I have a cancer called negative thinking in humans on my surface.. I think positive emotions as Brandy proposes to rid the Cancer.
The effect:
Source that is source of all, steps in and eliminates the cancer (humans on the surface thinking negative).
So how does Source go about doing this? Source shakes the living be-gee-bers out of them to wake them up.
You are sleeping, all of you negative humans, wake up and think positive!

Nice story?...What do you think?...I'm interested.
And to address Kelli-Michelle's reply...You said "no way able to be penetrated in a negative way by anything"
May I add, "and by any one".
Hi Brandy, that's exactly what I meant too x
Jilly, how do you think source will shake things up? Wake people up as you say.Also it is not my personal belief that negative emotion could make earth sick or anything else for that matter. Yes you were right to add "or anyone" to my first comment ,thanks.I think very soon alot more will wake up as changes begin but these are my theories and we all have so many different ideas.It is so great that we have places to share them. Whether I completly agree with you or not this is an interesting discussion although I did think that by saying the earth is sick sends out negative vibes.Maybe I am not quite getting it from your view.
Hi Kelli-Michelle,
I have done a lot of research about how humans effect the Planet. We do indeed effect it emotionally. I can provide links about such research and the finding. Scientists have been monitoring the effects on the earth regarding the human emotion and evidence show measures of change.
Here is a link that will start you off to new knowledge.

HeartMath has been doing studies for some time now and the effects human emotions have on the earth itself.
Ok thanks Jilly I will look into it before I comment any further.At the moment I am from the belief that if "Joe Blogs" has negative emotion towards me it can not affect me.Even though I feel we are one and the earth knows it's strength and power even more than me.Will get back to you after I have looked at your link, thanks Jilly
Jilly on my discussion about time this is what I was referring too, the first line on your link relates to that.I agree that we are in a time of change and a great shift is occuring in our lives.We know that the Mayans predicted a shift in 2012.I also have researched this.The other day I posted a video on here from Kiesha Crowther discussing the changes that are occuring.
wow, VERY cool! I really like the idea of mapping emotion. I had heard of heartmath before but didn't know what it was. neat! and I had to laugh when you said 'source shakes the living bee-jee-bers out of them to wake them up!' it immediately made me think of earthquakes, in quite the literal sense. literally shaking them out of their sleep state!
In responce to Carla. Thank you that was beautiful.
Yes, how do you feel being earth(our home) with all these negitive feelings residing in this home of ours?
What do I want you ask?
What I want is for those living on the planet to realize that they are a fragment of Source just as the planet is a fragment of Souce. I want the humans that now realize how they effect themselves and others with their emotions also effect the planet with their emotions. I what all that reside on this home of our to realize how we react to ourselves and to others is how we effect the planet(our home).
Thank you Carla, where have you been anyway?
Ok, I so love the way you challenge me Carla.
You said "If I let my vibration be affected in a negative way by others".
So you do agree that vibrations do in fact effect us hence you letting it or not letting it.
That being said, let me address the many that have not awakened. The many that are pulling the trigger on there fellow beings out of greed, fear etc.
Would you then agree then that these pockets of beings do in fact effect the planet setting off a vibratory wave of negitivity toward all of Source's creations?
Lets not agree to disagree just yet. I am so open to coming together on this subject.
Love J


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