The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I would like to start this discussion as a question.

Suppose your were the earth?

You are the earth which is a creation of the creator source, just as humans are a creation of Source. We (us and the earth) are all part of the Creator/Source.

So now going back to the issue at hand. You are the earth and you have a terrible ailment. You are sick and the cause of the sickness is negitive emotions residing in and about the surface of you(remember you are the earth).

You are showing terrible signs of this ailment. You are starting to fall apart at the seams.

So how would you rid yourself of this ailment?


A must see...Very Powerful.

I know what I would do, but I would like to hear from you first my fellow co-creators.



Lilou's interview with Deloras Cannon "we are fleas".



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Oh my gosh Carla, I could not have said that any better.
One day a member on here, who I believe would agree with much of what you have just said here, wrote me an email.
He asked me "do you sometimes just want to grab people by the collar and shake them"?
I giggled and agreed.
I read somewhere that there is not a location called Hell, just stay asleep in your unconscious and you are there.
Love to you my friend, J
LOL...Funny cuz when you wrote that it was aprox. 2:30 in the afternoon here and its a beautiful sunny day.

Interaction? Yes me too.
I find in my heart the power to love. Love myself, Love my children, my family, my dog, a flower a tree. Love is the currency of health, wealth and joy. Wisdom, respect and the honorable treatment of our mother earth is manifest from this universal currency. Love, always present, for me slightly below the surrface, beckoning me.

Interesting that word..."Currency".
Widely used and accepted.
Only if it is Hard currency will it keep its value. I have to think more about this term in reference to Love.
Help me understand this Mike...J
Currency describes the flow, the undercurrent. Love, is the undercurrent which exists, when fully manifest a currency between people, animals and nature, that emanates a warmth, a feeling of connectedness, oneness.

Love for me is the undercurrent, currency when I am giving and recieving love. Like deepak chopra said in an interview with larry king " if you cannot find god in a flower you will not find god"
This is how I feel about our mother earth, if you disconnected from your true loving nature you can not possibly love the earth, therefore protect it and nurture it.

Many have not discovered this undercurrent, but in an attempt to feel complete use the worlds resources to fills this void, the disconnect, with material wealth. Thats how I see the currency of love, Jilly.

Thank you Michael for explaining that reflected meaning for me...I agree. Blessings J
Thx for engaging me in this discussion Jilly. You have a way of making me think about things that I havent articulated before!

Hi Jilly I said I wanted to revisit this discussion.I don't want to talk about conspiracies too much on here but for a long time I have felt that we are being manipulated into negative thinking about the earth in order to create fear about the future for our earth.It is my opinion that the film '2012' was created to do just that.I have heard that there is evidence to say that we are not polluting our earth with car fumes etc at all.But are we being told that so we think it and then make it a reality?
If too many people believe the negative will they effect the planet for all of us?or could it be that those of us who believe differently will not see the earth suffer as we don't believe it?.I am not sure. But I feel that I need to really explore this some more.
You make me smile everytime you write something down.
Yes you are on the right track in my opinion. You are a lil detective just like me.
This conspiracy goes back a lot further than the film 2012 but I dont have to tell you that.
The way we think goes a lot deeper than our own personal beliefs.
An example is the Chruch and the different religions. What better way to program the masses to hate eachother and promote hate than to start a church and tell them that we are right and they are wrong. They are sinners and we are righteous. Almost laughable huh. A bit of insanity. Very clever way to control the population and keep them thinking in a hateful way. All this hate has a CATASTROPHIC effect on the Planet. We are the polution producer. AS long as we stay asleep we the people on the planet will distroy it and our own dimise will follow. Our DNA is being effected and we are waking up. The changes effecting us is also effecting the earth/planet. When our DNA changes the effects are profound. This is the AWAKENING. When we awaken to the joy of living on this planet we heal the planet. This is very real. Welcome aboard my boat going down stream without paddles.

If you would like to explore this further...we can discuss it here....I will be here to share my views.
Heck , Im up to expose whats really going on here.
If the masses only knew its not about attracting money!
Comforting to know we are very much on the same wavelength here then! and I so agree that the money thing really is not the issue the thing we should be wasting our energy on..but then I guess that's the whole point!,get people to think money is important and take away our creativity.Oh and yes I agree this goes back way back when we first began to be controlled.Yes very much a detective like you:)..what do you say Jilly and me modern day Cagney and Lacey!;D and it.
I have been thinking about what you said about not talking about the conspiracies aspect and you are correct. Giving it attention gives it power.
I'm not sure how to go about chatting about this stuff with out giving it attention. However, I will meditate about it as I feel compelled somehow to get the word out as knowledge to The Awakening masses as knowledge is part of THE Awakening. Going back to the old saying "Knowledge is power" and "Knowing Truth Sets one Free to take back their Power".
I have been aware of this topic for many years and never talk about it except with my very close friend and also my son.
Let me think more about this. Your thoughts are welcome...J
I was in the garden today thinking about this manipulation as I was running my hands thru the soil. I do much of my mediation when gardening.
We often have love sit -ns and such on the full moon etc. What if every Monday we were to intend for at least 10 or our friends to AWAKEN.(friends that are not of the knowledge of the Law /Awakening) Really make it our intent to think about this every Monday and embrace someone in our thoughts.
Imagine if all 5,608 of the registered co-creators intended the same, that 10 of their friends AWAKEN. The effect would be over 56 thousand people experiencing the knowledge of The Awakening. Imagine the domino effect the next cycle being 560 thousand etc. If all of these AWAKENED BEINGS expressed there LOVE for the Planet the effect would be awesome.
Your thoughts Ms. Cagney...?
From your partner...Lacey :)



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