The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I would like to start this discussion as a question.

Suppose your were the earth?

You are the earth which is a creation of the creator source, just as humans are a creation of Source. We (us and the earth) are all part of the Creator/Source.

So now going back to the issue at hand. You are the earth and you have a terrible ailment. You are sick and the cause of the sickness is negitive emotions residing in and about the surface of you(remember you are the earth).

You are showing terrible signs of this ailment. You are starting to fall apart at the seams.

So how would you rid yourself of this ailment?


A must see...Very Powerful.

I know what I would do, but I would like to hear from you first my fellow co-creators.



Lilou's interview with Deloras Cannon "we are fleas".



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hi j! interestingly, I caught the first vid through the other Icke one you posted. and I like this one as well. I especially like what he has to say about intuition, that doing it at first will make your mind panic.. yep! that has definitely been my experience. and evrthg he says about how magic happens is right on the mark. this man is very intelligent. and I have always loved the personal universe theory :)
Lacey I love your idea/intention...not sure I have that many friend's though! lol
I have suggested very basic idea's one about politic's and the other about very basic quantum physic's to a couple of my friend's and they basically laughed and joked about it told me this is how I relate to faeries being real and I said 'Yeah it's all connected' and that just sent them into stitches of laughter.But I suppose the thought is there now so if someone else also mention's a similar idea to them it may trigger something.These two friend's don't think anything is going on so at least they are not negative, they are simply in the system believing every thing is real and what they are told by the dictator's is real.Not all my friend's shut off idea's.
I don't care about awakening my friends. I care about moving forward and connecting with like-minded ppl, like you :)
Silly Nilly, You do to care. Imagine all your friends would have several Jilly's running around underfoot. .lol

I Love you so much girly....J
*love you roo... yep. roo. meant to type 'too' but missed, so maybe that'll be your new nickname from hereonin... roo!!

but I really don't care about my friends awakening. and the reason for that is because I never really become THAT connected to anyone. I can't really understand how ppl can have the same friends for life, mostly because that has not been my experience. granted, I have never talked to others in person about what I discuss with you girls here, so that could be another matter :) I am constantly growing and changing and I kind of have the attitude that if they can't keep up then they get left behind. I mean that lovingly, but if we have little in common anymore then I will move onto ppl who match me better. same with men ;)
Brandy you are seeing people as separate from yourself. You see we are all connected. Everone is going to wake up regardless. Sooner or later. Im just saying that sooner would be better for the betterment of the planet.
You see Brandy it is the connection to others that allows you to manifest everything to you.
You are part of source and I am part of source and we are part of eachother.
Those you say you are not connected to...OH my...yes you are.
You can decide what that connection is going to be like. I choose to have a sweet connection to everyone on the planet.
What I hear is Brandy DOES NOT CARE. You are connected and the does not care part is how you are connected you see. You are connected regardless of what you think. We all are.
It is that connection that we are all awakening to. We are awakening to the fact of the matter...excues the pun ( that we are connected.
Love J
yeah you're probably right. but I always have. I see individuals as more removed from me than the world as a whole. I mean not connected in the sense that it would be very easy to leave the ppl I know now, and it always has been. I just don't get very attached. even my bf knows I will leave him for warmer weather and/or my career. I know and feel connexion in the larger, more spiritual sense. but I am very independent. maybe too much :)
It is that "larger more spiritual sense that I am refering to.
I'm not saying you have to go out and be friends with every tom, dick and harry. Im just saying that if more of the population was awakened to spirit the earth would excell in the healing process, as would the masses. The idea here is to eliminate oppression.
I am glad and very excited you are open to the idea. You dont have to have 10 friends. All you have to do is know 10 people. You dont have to know them well. It can be a checker at the grocery store that you see on a regular basis.
You see and you dont have to talk to them about this stuff. All you have to do is imagine and intend them to Wake up to the knowledge, and that the knowledge will come to them and that they will listen and take serious the knowledge they have be just made aware of.
If you are the seed of knowledge that is good, but you dont need to be the seed that is planted...all you have to be is the person that makes the intention that they will wake up. Im also excited to talk you about something that I discussed with my son last night. I will send you off an email.
Hugs J
Yes I totally get that ...Awesome Lacey! I have done this on the checkout's and the response has sometimes been so great!so I will do this...thankyou so much :)
Brandy I so love you know!
you mean roo!? I do too! xox
oh jilly i so agree! I so so agree!!!



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