The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I would like to start this discussion as a question.

Suppose your were the earth?

You are the earth which is a creation of the creator source, just as humans are a creation of Source. We (us and the earth) are all part of the Creator/Source.

So now going back to the issue at hand. You are the earth and you have a terrible ailment. You are sick and the cause of the sickness is negitive emotions residing in and about the surface of you(remember you are the earth).

You are showing terrible signs of this ailment. You are starting to fall apart at the seams.

So how would you rid yourself of this ailment?


A must see...Very Powerful.

I know what I would do, but I would like to hear from you first my fellow co-creators.



Lilou's interview with Deloras Cannon "we are fleas".



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Good morning Julia, Wonderful cross chat we are having. I was put this discussion out there for us to ponder and give some deep thought to. I sometimes play devils advocate when replying to much of the discussion. I was rethinking about my reply last night furthered it by having a family discussion about this topic. Boy oh Boy did I ever meet interesting counter views that were very valid. I have to regroup and give some thought to what was discussed. I will be sure to post a synopsis of the discussion when I get my thoughts together.

Your view is much like mine. I agree with many of your points.

Last night we talked about cause and effect. In this particular case, regarding the earths was supposed that possibly humans (by their actions) are a cause, and the effects are the results of the planet being in the condition she's in.

Then someone else chimed in and said...but wait...Maybe this is the planet  evolving.

This topic is so complex.

Another side topic the planet conscious? That surely spun us off in to another direction.

Like we say a tree or a plant is conscious. If we void the planet of all living things what do we have left? Would she evolve? How could she with out life? So is her consciousness a collective of all life that resides here?

eee GAWD! This conversation went on for hours.

Love and Light, J

Very Powerful...a must see !


Hello... My name is Christina. So very nice to meet you! Well, I would say that as the earth (just as our own bodies can only do) is just keep on keepin on. the earth IS  positive. She keeps producing life for us, but we do our damndest to limit her. At any rate~ We on top of the earth each have free agency, so even if we PRAY for others to BE better or higher vibration, it is still a CHOICE that must be made by the individual. This is something that God / Source does not mess with. We CAN however have a wonderful vibrational effect by our own choices... we can choose to live in alignment in love in all situations.  In other words, as the song went, "Let your love flow, like a mountain stream... let your love grow with the smallest of dreams. Let your love glow and you'll know what I mean, its the season. Let your love fly, like a bird on a wing, and let your love guide you to all living things. Let your love shine through, then you'll know what I mean, Its the season~"   The domino effect may not bring immediate results with each and every being. Some people simply want to be angry and low vibration. But we can indeed make a difference by what we do, by what we eat.    I personally am not overly worried about  the earth~ "All things work together for the good of those who love God." God has a plan. Our job is to be wise stewards with what we have been given~ but we are not going to stop the end of the world. Things are going  to happen as they are/were meant to no matter what.  "There will be wars and rumors of wars, disease, pestulences..." etc We indeed are in the end of times, my friend. But what is there to fear but fear itself?   The earth is here to provide for us.  All we can do is love her, and teach others to love her the best we can. Help others to awaken to love. Not everyone is awake, and maybe not everyone was meant to be awake enough to want to take care of the earth.  I have an inkling that she will be renewed :-) and that in Source's time frame( remember His is very different than ours), all things will indeed work together for the good of those who love Him.  Thank you for such a nice post and discussion :-)

Hi Christina,

Regarding what you said: "I have an inkling that she will be renewed :-) and that in Source's time frame( remember His is very different than ours), all things will indeed work together for the good of those who love Him."

Let me ask you this:

If you were the earth and you were infested with dis-ease that was destroying you...what would you do?

Would you take action to rid the dis-ease?

Wow, this is a good question for me personally anyway, at this time.  I am with disease at the moment and have become aware that I must heal Earth.  Now you make me realize the connection....duh....

It's funny, I haven't been able to really rid the disease in myself, feeling very much like it's been hard or someithing.....I haven't rid it, but yet am now going to move towards healing Earth....I didn't even think....

Perhaps we will begin to heal.  What am I going to do?  I am going to use words and vibrations to start with the water. I will focus on what I want to have happen for Earth, not what I don't.  That's the plan anyway.

I'm not sure if you read any of David Allens blogs. If not you should. I think everyone would glean from them. He is a well read study and researcher.

Regarding your reply. It is as simple as "imagining the water being pure and clean". Just imagine.

Love and Light, Jill

Its always good to run encounter calmwind.


 Thanks for the suggestion of David, I like him too, but I am well read and study researcher myself, so I'm fine.

Have a good one!

I'm glad I came back to read this discussion. This is a great plan.

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