The 100 Day Reality Challenge

well, sort of


when I first heard this stuff I was completely taken aback, and all the things I thought I believed were replaced by actual knowing. the discovery of the laws of the Universe brought me elation and a sense of power I'd always been wanting. and nothing has changed except....


I really don't care about things like I used to. sure, I desire to have this or that, be in this position or that, have this happen or that. but even more important to me is the knowing of what I know and the application of it for no other purpose than to connect with my always-happy, creative, blissful higher self. yeah sure!!!  :)


I think how I was in the past has a lot to do with it. I was never happy, always depressed, always worried, always feeling struggle, rejection, abandonment. always focusing on how much I hated where I was and how I was not fulfilling my potential. I had very few good experiences because my beliefs were so out of alignment with my core self


now to know that I create my own reality.... WOW! to understand all the reasons why I was the way I was. to know my own power and spiritual centre, and to have the capacity to create it at any moment... wow.

now I`m not sure if what I`ve experienced has made it easier to get to this place than someone who has had an ok or pretty good life, but I am grateful for it anyway


so the ironic thing about this is, the less I am caring about the stuff and caring more about my own state, the faster it`s coming!! I think about it for the fun of it, and live as the person I envision. I feel like I am caught between 2 realities in a blissful state of allowing. I`m actually excited about life and living.

 I LOVE the feeling of no resistance. and THAT is my goal :)


please comment or share your own experience if you like

much love to you all!!        

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VERY VERY Interesting. My experience is the opposite. I lead a pretty stable life. A goodie two shoes life. My mother used to say "Oh that Jilly can fall in ShXX and come out smelling like a ROSE". Life was always good for the most part and no complaints.
However many many Brandy's crossed my path and I would wonder why the struggle.
I would alway go to my mother for advise, natural for some I guess and she would always advise me to be a friend and that to note that their struggle was their's to work through.
The way I see it...
WE are all on a soul journey. On this journey we are gleening knowledge of sorts. AS the LAW teaches we "CAN NEVER NOT BE" I imagine I will have many more journeys ahead of me.
Why some journeys are struggles and some are not reminds me of a saying. "When one has a bucket of Lemons, Make Lemonade"
Adage: Life is what YOU make it.
Love back at ya...Jilly
For me it could be the "Law od Distraction"!!! I remember when I was outa my head.. just being my happy go lucky self is when I attracted.. I felt at ease with myself and the universe.. Be who I truly am... Just live it
when I put tooo much thought and in some sense a little thought and effort does help in terms of right choices
then let it go, Love yourself.. and Trust Be Happy go with the flow!!
A Natural timing.. Much Love Peace, and JOY
I actually Like your blog, and your support
Love Kell:)-


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