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Hello Cocreators,

I am finding it challenging to keep my vibrational energy up on a daily basis . Since starting this challenge I have raised it considerably and have noticed that my relationships are better, Im happier and things are coming to me without a lot of effort. Im attracting more of what I want when firing at a  higher frequency but on days like today (rainy and cloudy) its low.


 I sometimes draw a blank when I feel my attractive energy down and Im not sure what specific things I can do to raise it.


Does anyone have any suggestions,


Thankyou in advance.

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hey michael :)
some suggestions
~make a list (mental or written) of things you appreciate. look for them and note them, no matter how small
~visualise scenarios that make you feel good, maybe what you want to create, a dream, location, etc.
~think about things that make you happy. relive the memory
~meditate. it's one of the fastest ways to raise your vibration
~try appreciating yourself into sleep. when drifting off, think of things you appreciated that day. also amplify the good feeling of your bed, sheets, etc.
~resist focusing on what pulls your vibration down. when it's raining for ie., distract yourself from focusing on it
~listen to music you love

appreciation really is one of the best ways of raising your vibration. it is the same vibration as love and a very powerful attractor. focus is also very important. as is awareness. you sound like you are aware when your vibration dips.... be aware that you can change your state in a single second just by thinking a more positive thought. then think another one, then another! cheers and good luck!
that's such good advice from Brandy.
Didn't you write somewhere else about using all your senses to lift your vibrations? That sounded effective. (where was that? I've been trying to find it)
Rejoicing in th happiness of others is a good one too, just when you see others being happy, be happy for them. It's like appreciating their joy.
Oh, and don't worry about it! Keep chill (-:
Brandy, I love that sleep thing you have going on...Love it...J
thankyou Brandy, I find myself coming back here and reading. Your advice makes sense!

To warm, green climates and sunsets,
Thankyou to all for your suggestions I have started using them already. I feel My vibrational energy is picking up, and I will refer to these suggestions when my VE feels low.

Oh commmme onnnn. Is this a
Heck Michael, you know this one. Michael, Michael, Michael (as jilly shakes her head)
The three modalities of awakened doing.
Ya know...I wasnt at all surprised to read that toward the end.
My friends and people close to me have always said that I was the sort...that if I didn't enjoy doing something I would not do it at all. The second (enthusiasm) would alway tag along with the JOY thing. When I couldnt incorporate the first two...I would always say "it is what it is". Maybe this is why this process has gone smoothly for myself.

In this specific situation I always have "cloudy/rainy day" projects lined up.
Just remember when you reside yourself to one of the three modes, your vib/freq will be high and it will all be smooth sailing. As George Lopez always says..."Member...You Remember !"
My favorite line in the book was "If you can neither enjoy or bring acceptance to what you do--STOP".
Well it probably seems like a fairly straightforward sollution to the high vib thing...but To be honest I just learned about vibrational energy here from the reading and watching ive done at ccor. This is a new concept for me which seems to make alot of sense, just never been an "energies " guy.

I knew, however, that I was in good hands here so I posed the question. I struggle with the ego mind at times and feel low on enthusiasm and energy. I guess I know the answer myself but just needed some perspective and personal advice.

I do like the simplicity of that last line! Like Hicks say in her video " just get happy"!
thx Jilly
I have to be honest for a moment though Michael. I have never been a hugh fan of the Hicks thing. Not that I discredit Hicks. Many listen and enjoy the message. I just cant stand to listen to them. It leaves a ringing in my ears. Weird, cuz I get that ringing in my ears sometime, and when I do and stop what Im doing it stops. Maybe that is my guide telling me I'm not in alignment. This world has a little of something for everyone.
To tell someone to "jest get happy" is not responsible.
What is it that you like to do most? What ever that is, try to schedule it for yourself. That way everyday until the time you are going to do it you can live in the NOW of excitement. That excitement will be the high you need for the NOW. That excitement that you will be bungy jumping naked on Thursday will excite you NOW in the moment. The excitement of anticipation.
Thankyou jilly! that was the hardest Ive lauged in a while! Ive bungied there which makes the story that much funnier! laughter sure does have a way of bringing you up, I need to laugh more. I greatly appreciate all the wonderful suggestions here and This will become a place to remind myself how to amp up my vibe when Im feeling down.

thx yall!
The more I read here the more I realize what good advice everyone has. I especially agree with your take on accepting where you are in a given day. I find I more up than down in vibrational energy and sometimes I just need to recharge...I guess we cant be super charged all the time ( especially with 6-10 year old girls), thanks for the wisdom.
Thankyou Rebecca, I will try this tommorow morning when I wake up. This sounds relaxing and a nice way to start the day! I like to try different thing to bring up my vibration. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and feel like there is sunshine outside because I can see it in my mind, more often than not its cloudy outside and that can lower my energy. So thx, I will bring some of that positive white light with me where ever I go!

cheers, Michael



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