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I've been working on manifesting "The One" everyday (I refer to him as "Prince").  Whenever I feel like I'm emitting a strong loving energy and connected with "Prince" ALWAYS the next day my friend (here I'll refer to him as JT) always contacts me to hang out.

The problem is-- JT is literally the exact opposite as I picture and imagine Prince to be. I'm very confused. In fact I've almost dated JT in the past but his actions have ruined it (i.e. standing me up, acting selfishly, etc) and although I know he still likes me I wish to stay only friends with him.

Do you guys think it is just a coincidence that he always shows up right after I spend time and energy on manifesting "Prince"?  Or should I wait longer for my real Prince to come? (I mean, I'm only 20 years old he could come at anytime!) Please share your thoughts!

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Hm.  That's interesting.  I like you call him Prince...It seems, if this guy isn't the match that you have been focusing on, then he shows up to me would be the Universes way of reinforcing what I want.  You know what I mean?  I'm saying that if he is the one, as you continue to wait for the manifestation, it will happen, sooner or later, if he isn't the one, then he's just there to show you that the Universe has heard you and to check your list to make sure you know what you want.  That's my take on it.  Hope that makes sense.  (and if someone stands you up without a seriously good reason, then he's just not that into you enough for a relationship that's more committed.)

Much Love~

This is what happened to me: I met a guy on the train (I sometimes do ha ha) we chatted but I wasn't physically attracted or anything like it. We talked about law of attraction and he came to the group I was then running but he had decided by then he DIDN'T believe in LOA. Two to three more times I ran into him on the train THIS IS RARE.
I wondered WHY is this happening? The third time he looked DISGUSTED maybe cos I didn't recognise him straight away?
I posted about this on Facebook & a few people said soulmate. As in future husband sense! This guy almost repulsed me physically. Just NOT my type & to hear THAT felt worse! I thought if he is the one then I would REALLY feel ripped off. Nothing against him, he just doesn't do it for ME, I'm sure he'll be some other girl's Prince Charming.
Then I thought HMM MAYBE I don't BELIEVE the Universe can deliver a one like I want & I think it's going to rip me off & give me someone I really don't like!
(I also think anyone I like less than my ex boyfriend & less of a match is a downgrade!)
In MY eyes.
So I challenged that belief & I've never seen that guy again.

I like this story. Perfect example of what is going on here in this blog. :) 

Thanks for sharing. It got a little giggle out of me, too.

No. This man is definitely NOT the one. 

If he is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you're trying to manifest, and he keeps appearing when you think about Prince. It is not because HE IS Prince. It is hinting that you still have some negative connotations about yourself and what you deserve in a romantic life. So what the Universe is trying to tell you is that you need to raise your vibrations higher, so that it's so vibrant... JT will pale in comparison. :)

Keep believing. And remember.. don't go by SIGNS or little coincidences. Go by feelings. And then use the signs and coincidences that resonate with this good feeling.. and follow those. :)

Remember this, any sign that makes you feel even a little sad... is a sign that you need to raise your vibration to move past it. Best wishes to you goal! 

That's really good advice!!!!DR.

Thank you, CalmWind! (hug)!!



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