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Is there such a thing as being too specific when trying to manifest something?

Hello my fellow cocreators :)

Just wanted to ask if anyone out there believes that it is counterproductive to have a lot of specifics about what you want to manifest? For example, my current season is being dedicated to manifesting a romantic relationship with my ideal partner. I'm almost 25 days info this season, and (since the start of this season) I have been on several dates which has helped me further clarify what I'm looking for. So earlier this evening, I wrote a note to the universe outlining what I am looking for in a man but after doing so I wondered if I am being too specific or if I should trust my instinct to know that everything on this list represents qualities that I genuinely believe my ideal partner possess. So that is why I pose the question about whether or not having specifics in what we want to manifest is a good idea? Would love to hear your thoughts :)

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Hi there,

Ok, here is my thoughts.

The next time you are doing something that you enjoy....let your mind wander into a story of being with your desired mate. The key word here to entertain is "attraction". You want to attract your desired mate.

You also are part of the equation. He will attract you and you will attract him. Either you are attracted or you are not.

The idea here is if you do not attract him or he does not attract you...there is nothing being manifested.

Bottom line is that  you are looking for the "ONE" that you are attracted to...and the "ONE" that is attracted to you.

Here in this bottom line is where you will find each other.

Love and Light, Jill

I don't really believe that beeing specific is necessary, especially when you are attracting your ideal partner.

How can we make a list with special qualities that includes everything we are trying to attract or avoid without forgetting something?

Another problem could be that you are so focused on the things on your list that you do not see when you attracting something that maybe does not confirm to it but would be even better.

And by the way I often meet people who have characteristics I don't usually like (beeing unpunctually for example) but they do it in such a cute or innocent way that I don't even mind.

Attracting your partner in the way that Jill said sounds like a very good idea! You are more open and let the universe do what is best for you.

Much love,


I wrote down the qualities I wanted in a man on a piece of paper. That's about four years ago now. Just over three years ago I met my partner and he has ALL the qualities I wrote down on that paper :)

I think that if what you write down are qualities you're looking for, it works fine. It certainly worked for me :) And it is not limited to the qualites I wrote down. He has more good qualites than that.

But in the end I think you should trust your instincs on this one. If it feels good to write it down, do it. If you feel resistance towards it, don't.

Enjoy your day! :)


Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I was thinking that I don't feel resistance to the idea of having written down what I'm looking for because it is almost like a compass that guides my attraction. I don't ever want to make it seem as if the men that I meet have to meet every little thing on some kind of checklist...but I seek pretty simple things (at least in my opinion lol) like honesty, loyalty, etc. but also have a desire for certain physical traits (i.e. I love light colored eyes, and tall men, etc.). I want to attract a partner who not only meets what I am looking for but exceeds it in more ways than one. Thinking that way seems to be the path that causes little to no resistance from me. Since I'm now in this huge transitional phase (i.e. my night job is ending on Sept 30th and I have to find a place and move by october 30th), I have not thought too much about my ideal partner but maybe that is needed too because I don't want to get into overthinking everything because that too can cause resistance. So, at this point, I have written out what I want in my ideal partner and pretty much released that desire to the universe and I have incorporated Jilly's suggestions by letting my mind wander sometimes to the desired mate that I we'll see what happens. I'll keep you all posted but I can honestly say I feel him as if our paths will cross sooner rather than later :-)



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