The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hi Everyone,

I joined yesterday and it seems that new seasons start at different times. Could one of you co-creators who have been around a while tell me the best time to start my 100 day challenge and will it be season one as it's my first one.


I'm enjoying looking around and appreciate all the contributions here.

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Hi Miranda,

Thanks for your reply. Your enthusiasm is infectious and I appreciate that very much. Although I started my 1st season and 100 day challenge 4 days ago alone, I already feel the support of others and feel part of a group already - which is exactly what my intention was.

Good luck on your 5th season and look forward to seeing you around.

Many thanks,

Hi Beth,

I joined last Sunday and was in the same position as yourself - it seemed like I'd joined at a different time from others. Although some season's started in January people are joining at different times and I've even found a friend who joined on the same day as me! You'll still find support and friendship and feel free to add me as one of your friends.

Glad that you are here and hope that you have gotten started. I am going to visit your page!
Hello Maria

I too am just starting my season one. I am planning to start this evening, but am in need of guidance, if you receive a response to your inquiry please post it. I am ready to do this, but I have many questions. I wish you luck on your journey! It's going to be an amazing one.

- Izzie-
Hi Isabelle,

Glad that you found us all here. It's been over 2 weeks since I joined the 100 day challenge and several new friends just showed me the way - by introducing me to groups and holding out the hand of friendship. You'll find many like-minded people. I'd advise you to have a good look around and join in what feels right for you.

Maria x
Hi. Welcome to the challenge!
Hi Maria,

We're 'Newbies' to the 100 day challenge ourselves and are currently just getting a feel for the place.

Well I say 'newbies' but in fact we've followed and applied the principles of the Law of attraction for quite a while now and are very pleased with our results so far and for the future.

The community at this site are an amazing group of people. The fact that we're here and you're here is proof that the 'Law of attraction' just work with it, keep focused on your intentions and We have total faith and confidence that you will achieve you're goals here and we look forward to sharing the journey with you.

All the best
THG (Kev and Rick)


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