The 100 Day Reality Challenge

So I was wondering how you all keep track of your progress and daily practices while on your 100 day challenge?!?

Currently I'm trying to get myself organized & I haven't come up with a way to keep track of anything yet.

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Unfortunately, my computer crashed since I made the personalized worksheet for Season Two. I am going to do another one for Season Three, so I'll get on it rather quickly. When I have something on paper, I'll upload it to this forum for you to see, Natalie. Thanks for the interest -- and the inspiration to get to work on this!
Yeah that's for the wonderful idea because I have gotten a bit off track lately and you posting on the forum made me re-focus a bit.
Hi Natalie,

It's so easy to get off track -- Don't I know that!

I've attached a rough draft of my Season Three Worksheet. I still have a couple of intentions that I haven't developed practices for, so I'll be adding to it and refining it. The quote by Annie Dillard will change when I'm tired of it. The current date goes in the blank spot above the quote. I'll print out a new worksheet each morning (or a few at a time).

Using the worksheet is fairly straightforward. Because I'm trying to work on regulating my sleep patterns more, the first thing I'll do is write down what time I get out of bed. Then, I just proceed through my day, keeping the list in mind. As I do any given item, I'll just draw a single line through it.

The WITs record my around-the-house activity. WIT stands for Work In Threes. I'm not really good about keeping up with housework, so each day I'll make a list of just three things to do, in addition to the daily things I already do (cook, dishes after dinner and before bedtime, etc.), Once one WIT becomes a doable habit for me, I'll add a second one, doing six tasks each day.

Grooming is on the list because, as summer approaches, my routine changes (I live in the Mojave Desert, so it's definitely time for some extra skin care!). Having it on the to-do list will remind me to follow the new routine, instead of the one I'm currently used to.

At the end of the day, I'll record my bedtime, to help keep me on track. Since there is room at the bottom of the worksheet, I'll probably do my Appreciations on the same paper.

Any questions or suggestions? I'd be happy to hear them!
Here is worksheet version 2! I still have a couple of intentions to develop practices for, so I'll add to the list when I get those figured out. Otherwise, I think this is in its final form.
For some odd reason when I went to look at your work sheet it doesn't seem to work. if you want I'll message you with my e-mail and I can take a look at this that way. :D
Okay, here's a screen shot of the worksheet. I'll email you the actual word doc. :)


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