The 100 Day Reality Challenge

So I was wondering how you all keep track of your progress and daily practices while on your 100 day challenge?!?

Currently I'm trying to get myself organized & I haven't come up with a way to keep track of anything yet.

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I only keep track on my daily blogs. I don't have a system. Maybe get a notebook where you can assign a section to your intentions with the date that you intended them and as they manifest write the date that they manifested. Another section for synchronicities where you write down what happened. Another section with examples of instances when you were feeling down and you were able to put yourself back on track. Another section of examples of the LOA, like the one you talk about on your blog about the lady that complained to the cashier and not to you. That means that your vibrations were different so she could not "see" you or was not attracted to your vibration to go complain to you because the vibrations were on different levels. I hope this helps.
I normaly write up everything daily in a journal. Firstly, it helps me to be consistant in some part of my life, and secondly, I can actualy see my progress or lack their of.

Start with one thing at a time. Maybe set and intent to do one or two things consistantly over the next 30 days. I have my journal that I write in every night and I blog here atleast once a week.

The key is not to get to the point where you feel overwhelemd and where you don't feel guilty for not doing more.

Im hoping i was on the right track here, otherwise I may just have had another late night rambling session :)
Thank you so much for the suggestion! As it is right now I already journal some but that's mostly to just vent about my day or document something cool but it doesn't help me be very consistent with other things I think I should be doing. I notice a lot of people on this site are always doing affirmations and maybe I should jump on that.

Thanks Nadjah- I would have never thought that the lady wouldn't have complained due to the fact that her and i were not vibrating on the same wave length!!! That's so good to know. Now I'm far more motivated to keep myself at a higher level at work.
I do have a list of affirmations that I read every morning.
See I don't do that as of right now. Maybe I'm just not good at making them up on the fly. Where did you get your affirmations from or did you write them yourself!?
I found some on here, some on books, some I made up. The ones that resonate with me the most are the ones I use.
I read somewhere about this gal that made a pretty box and set it on her desk. Nearby she had post-its. When she had an affirmation,intention or manifestation idea she would write it on the note along with the date and pop it in the box. At the end of the month or so she would go thru and read them all and check to see the status of the notes. She found there were notes in that box that she had written and forgot about . She then realized how she wrote it and let it go to the universe, in this case let it go to the
Although my personal life can be kind of mess, I have an "OCD engineer" type streak in me that pops its head up at the oddest times. When I began my first challenge, I bought the workbook. One of the things that I loved the most about it was that it had a worksheet for everyday, an easy way to keep track of what I was doing and not doing. I loved the idea so much that for my second season, I designed my own personal worksheet that reflected my challenge, not some generic, mythical challenge that someone else was planning for. I'm going to begin my Season Three on June 27 and will probably design another worksheet just for it!

Another thing I can suggest echoes one of Aeroney's suggestions. Start with one or two practices and add something else in on a regular basis. For my second season, I came up with a number of practices that was divisible by four and added something in at every 25 day mark ... until I let the challenge slide, but that's a different story! It's very easy to get overwhelmed if you try to change your daily life too much too all at once. That, I've learned the hard way!

Good luck to you!
I would love to hear what you put on your worksheet. Cause the more that my challenge progresses I do seem to feel like I'm being pulled in more then one direction. Which I think makes it harder for me to focus on what my true goals are and not just ones that I want to focus on because they are new and exciting goals.
I am due to start my first challenge tomorrow, so these posts were of great interest.

I bought four inexpensive notebooks with the idea of keeping my bigger goals on track and using them weekly to check in what ive done, successes and losses gratitude etc, eg

Keeping to a diet until I reached my desired weight
Finishing my art projects & getting them seen publicly

Im not sure how that will workout in reality, so I will wait and see. I like Cindys idea of having a personalised work sheet on the go.

I was interested what Jilly said about the pretty box and the notes. Cos I have a 'wish box'. It contains a a lucky buddha and the wishes I dont know how to manifest... I write down what I want and underneath write 3 actions ive taken to get it. Then I fold it up and in it goes... where I leave it to a higher power to help. Periodicaly I open up the box and look at all the wishes. Its truly amazing what comes of this process, most of the wishes Ive had over a 3 month period or so have been manifested. If they havent, I write another action ive taken towards it. Some are instant, and some take a bit longer, so my advice is dont have a rigid timescale.

Good luck with manifesting what you want and blessings everyone.
I like the fact that you put three wishes down that you've done to set things in motion. That's a really cool idea. And did you use just a regular box or a box that's special to you?
Make it as personal as you like. I looked around for a suitable size box and found a small cardboard one in an inexpensive shop. It's my favourite colour, crimson red metallic. When it was a friends birthday I found a lovely small box, very feminine, bound in silk with a big bow on top; I bought a good luck fairy to go in it. Then I typed the instructions on a piece of paper and gave it her. She was thrilled, as it was so personal.


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