The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Knowledge of LOA versus application of do you do it?

Hello all :-)

My name is Nicole and this is my 3rd season of the 100 day challenge and I am finding myself at a bit of a crossroads. I have experience in manifesting a lot of things that I desire, but I sometimes struggle with the application of LOA. I know the basics (i.e. be grateful for what you have, feel the good feelings of what it's like to have what you want, etc.) but the latest issue I am having may take a more fine tuned approach so I'm hoping for assistance here

This situation is that I have two jobs (one as a therapist and one as an overnight house manager at a rehab facility. I really love the jobs that currently have and they have brought me great benefits (financially, experience wise, etc.). However, about a month or so ago, I decided that I'm not too keen on the idea of a "9 to 5" type of job and I'm definitely feeling a bit worn down by having a minimal amount of time to myself. During the second season of my cocreating season, I was in the opposite situation in that I wasn't really working much at all and was struggling financially because of it, so the universe did brig me what I wanted. I LOVE working in the mental health field, but I want to have the financial stability to only work when I feel like it and not because I have to in order to pay my bills. What I want is to have the financial freedom to be able to quit both of my jobs (having my last day of work be June 1, 2012) and I want to go traveling for about a month, starting with travel to Paris.

I particularly want to see Jay Z and Kanye West perform in Paris, France on June 18th, 2012. So the predicament I'm having is (1) Do I give my notice to my two jobs letting them know that I will be done working there by June 1st (even though I don't technically have something else lined up)? (2) Do I buy the concert tickets for the Jay Z and Kanye West concert in Paris even though I don't have a plane ticket or hotel reservation yet? I know that once you place an order to the universe you have to trust that it is coming but how do I make allowances for something to come in, without taking the blind leap of faith (i.e. quitting my jobs and just trusting that I'll survive financially)? Isn't continuing to work these jobs indirectly telling the universe that I don't trust it to provide financial stability without me having to work so much? Any ideas on the matter would be greatly appreciated :-)

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Hi Hun, You answered your own question. Yes,er eeee, you did. You see in the same way your manifestation and your awareness of the law... you manifested two jobs and financial comfort. Now all you have to do is practice the same to tailor your manifestations into a job that gives you financial comfort and the hours you desire allowing you to travel.

You see are hanging on to that which the Universe delivered...but you see, nothing is permanent. There are other jobs out there and (possibilities) and by hanging on to the "idea" that they are what you manifested, so it must be what you need to stay attached to. You dont have to stay attached. Girl you are a powerful manifestor and I know you know this stuff.

You see Nik, you manifested two jobs...when ordering up as it were from the universe, there were a few details you might have left out. Time for a do over allowing for the details that you mentioned in this post. Like a job that you enjoy, with perfect hours for you that allows you to travel when you desire and provides the financial comfort you require. I see you with backstage passes in Paris while at the Jay Z and Kanye West Event. Yo baby go for it. Love ya, J


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