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Hello o-creators!

This is me again;) I seem to be very active and productive today;)
My problem is my lack of self-confidence with men..........yes. Not at home, not with friends, not at work in front of a crowd, but with men, in the street! What I have never been able to do is to walk in the street with my head up, facing other people.........the worst thing is when I see a handsome guy in the distance who is approaching me, I look down on the pavement, although I like him ( the guy, not the pavement) I am not even able to look at him, at his face and smile! I think I misse many oportunities because of my public places, too..........I just think I am not attractive enough.........I know it sounds strange, but I have this problem, my friends are surprised, they all smile to handsome passers-by, but me- pavement, always the pavement!
Do you have similar experience? Can you share? Is there any exercise I can do? I need help, or I will never meet my MR Right! He is not the pavement, for sure;)

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Hello Aleksandra!

Self confidence is a big problem for so many people...
What you think about yourself and what you think about men?
What you are afraid of?

I suggest you EFT!!
It is a wonderful technique for release emotions that are inside of us, blocking ourselves to be at our best!

You can see and see a little bit about EFT and do a tapping for confidence!

Send me a message if you have doubts.

Hi Jenna, This advise made me smile for sure. I am much like you. Confident in oneself. Thanks for taking the time to write this. Im sure it will inspire someone to look for the confidence that they have always had and didnt know it. :) JILLY ♥
Hey Aleksandra,

First of all I love the spelling of your name- secondly this is my point of view- take what you want and leave the rest for someone else.

I feel you do not lack confidence with handsome men in the street- you are growing through confidence with yourself. You give the man in the street more power than you give yourself -I suggest you identify what's beautiful about you and start celebrating yourself.

example: if you love to dance or hike, or write poetry start engaging in what makes your heart sing and going to places where you can share these experiences with others- from sharing you will meet like minded people and feel validated about who you are.

When you are on the street you are thinking more about the man than the woman you are- celebrate you sensuality, beauty, life.

An exercise to use is a 10 minute meditation/ visualization

-set a timer for 10 minutes
- sit in a relaxing space
- play music that makes you happy
-look at pictures that create the warmth of Aleksandra living a happy and joyous life
-state to yourself: Everything works in Aleksandra's favor both consciously and unconsciously - Aleksandra deserves to be happy

Thank you for ur advice. I will use it. Thank you for taking the time and writing me, it is really nice of u! I am sending you love!
Hi Aleksandra.
I did this for a long time, after my background taught me I had no value.
It did take a lot of work, but one of the quickest tips to help is to wear tshirts that catch the attention - especially ones with interesting slogans etc. You'll soon see people are looking at your tshirt, not you, and it can free you up to look at them (as well as start a conversation on what it says, as you get more confident).
I notice you have long hair. One of the things I found when I was working on being shy was that I was hiding behind my hair - I always tended to flip it forward and 'cover myself' with it. So, over time, from back length, I cut it to shoulder length, then jaw length, and finally ended up going all the way with a number 2 buzz cut. By the end of that, there was no way I COULD be shy anymore. (It was also very interesting in how much it freed me up time-wise. Didn't need shampoo anymore. Didn't have to worry about brushing/combing it, or wind mussing me up, etc.)
Hi Aleksandra,

Do you know Red Grammer? He is a singer and he sings beautiful songs for the kids. My daughter is a little shy too and she loves that song. I will give you the link in youtube. You are a wonderful and unique human being. (You are wonderful)
Hmm... might I ask... what makes you feel so "unworthy" or "worthwhile"?

I think maybe you should ask yourself the question "Why not me?"

It tends to help a lot and clear any blockages holding you back. :)

Remember, you are beautiful .. inside.. and out.


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