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Everything in our world has a vibrational frequency. The law of attraction is a correspondent with frequency. In other words, frequencies are attracted to similar frequencies. This is the law of nature, and this can explain why a Hummingbird is attracted to a particular Flower. I believe it can also explain the changing form in vegetation, to the different climates as our four seasons rotate. The alignment of frequency for anything that lives is directly proportional in the flow and harmony of nature. We as human beings, also live within the guidelines of frequency. As we begin to discover our link with nature, we can learn to sustain the vibrational frequency that aligns us with a more harmonious flow and abundant prosperity.

Humans for one reason or another has lost touch with the natural process that seems to be instinctual in all other living things. We have an added ability to think, intellectually, imaginatively, and with reason. We tend to align our thoughts to our emotions and feelings, and this is what changes the frequencies we are on. Not knowing that attraction is based on frequency, we are more likely to interact with any frequency of circumstance. Think about this; when we are in a good mood, everything appears to be in harmony, when in a bad mood, everything seems to spiral toward negative circumstance. This is how the law of attraction aligns with our feelings and emotions; it is a law that aligns with like frequencies, and there is nothing you can do to change this constant action. To change anything in our lives, there must be some frequency alignment with the change we desire.

Understanding this concept insinuates a very different approach to living than most people can conceive of. Most everyone has been utilizing this law without even knowing it exists. People kept in poverty have aligned their frequency as such, while people who seem prosperous, have also aligned with a particular frequency. The reality of economic status has nothing to do with hard work, favoritism, or even good luck, but has everything to do with the frequency one is aligned with. Either the poor or the rich are always capable of changing their frequency, and inadvertently changing their status. With every event in one’s life, the effect can be linked from a cause of what one thinks and believes, because there is a frequency alignment that connects from within ourselves. Our emotions and feelings are our only true guidelines for alignment; it has little to do with what we see or who we meet in the physical world. We can only produce loving and joyful situations in our lives, when we are aligned with the same frequency. We cannot gain money and better opportunity, when our frequency is in alignment with lack and limitation.

Emotions and feelings produce the frequency we are on. What we choose in thought, and what we believe has great influence on our feelings and emotions. When understanding how the law of attraction interacts with the frequency we are on, we can then better become aware of how to place ourselves on to the frequency we would rather be on. There are many ways to achieve this, but it really boils down to what we carry in thought. Anything we can do that will align our thinking or consciousness with the higher frequency of natural harmony is all that is necessary. It makes no difference as to what means you use, be it meditation, martial arts, or simply prayer, we want to find that higher more attuned frequency that is in accordance to our natural well-being. Living is designed to be naturally abundant; it is just a matter of aligning with it.

When we begin to believe that life does have a divine design, we can begin to believe and perceive of the forces that manages life. As we begin to understand and utilize these forces within our own perception, we will find how natural it is. We will realize that abundance in life only comes from the ease and comfort of knowing we deserve it. We can allow a natural course to unfold, and gain expectation for our future. Life becomes magical and full of adventure! The law of attraction is our friend; it is our choice how it works for us. It is up to us what we prefer to think about the most, and it is our choice what we believe. This universal law will always abide by the frequency one holds in thought. Whatever one thinks about the most, the law will assume that is what you want, and it will manifest in your life.

Limitation and lack are a product of what we have learned to believe, this is not a fact of life. We must re-learn that life can be prosperous and joyful. We can start to believe that life was meant to be abundant once and for all. We can replace hate with love, pain with pleasure, and discord with harmony. We must first believe in our infinite destiny. We must find the perception that dwells within our own hearts, and then we will be able accept it in others. The peace that everyone longs for is not far away, it rides the waves of their emotions, and expresses with every feeling they have. This is the truth that will set us free!

This is a chapter in my new book :) coming soon!


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Interesting read

ty Jilly, I will take it you enjoyed it :)

It was more about hearing truth. My hope is that others will read this and realize and understand this truth.

What I ponder is ...Do we make a choice to be happy or sad, that which puts us on the respective frequency? Do we create happy? Do we create sadness?

For example: Last night I accidentally broke a coffee mug while washing the dishes that I use every morning . This mug puts a smile on my face...and brings me joy to use/see/hold. A simple pleasure ...but a pleasure none the less. When the mug broke in half in my hands I verbalized my grief in a split second. My husband from the other room heard my dis-pleasure with the accident and said "Its just a mug". His comment added more hurt, because he just did not understand my feelings and emotions. He continued to talk about more important things to be unhappy war,a friend that is losing their home to bank, etc. This chatter just sent me into a tail spin. He continued to trivialize the importance of that coffee cup. With in a few minutes of the incident, my son called on the phone. My son had borrowed my husbands truck to go to work. He had just gotten off his shift and found the truck in the parking lot had a smashed in passenger window and his leather bag stolen.
All this happened within a 15 minute time period.

Now my hubby is experiencing grief over his truck window.

I sat there...wondering about these incidents and how they had retraced the alignment for each one of us.

No more mug in the morning to bring that smile.(me)

No more window....cost of replacement, worked missed due to the inconvenience of having it fixed, etc.(hubby)

No Leather bag and contents (my son)

Trying to look at the big picture. All three of us had a fairly good day up until these events.

So am I to be happy all this happened?

I can only assume (the story in my head as I write this) that the person that smashed the window and stole the bag...ended up disappointed that all they received for their trouble was a few company t-shirts in that bag. I suspect they expected a laptop, wallet or something of great value.


I found a coffee mug just like the one I broke on eBay.

My hubby is out $184.00 for a new window that will be replaced tomorrow morning.

The company my son works for is going to order him some additional t-shirts to replace the ones stolen.

We all seem to be back to our normal selves. "Seem" being the key word here. Happy and moving on from this experience. The sad was short lived. I guess how we handle it in our mind is key.

So, Rolley, where are the other chapters of your book?


I love your response! Thank you for your interest. I have published it called "Happiness is a State of Mind"

here is  a preview link  Happiness is a State of Mind

this is my website, Stay in touch!

Just read the preview and put the book on my list of "to do" book list.

I just added it to my BOOK LIST  (with LINK to your site) in the Discussion Forum.

In your PREVIEW you say:

"open your mind up to the power you already possess",

I have been trying to drive this point across for eons, Heavy Sigh.

We are powerful beings...more powerful than we imagine.

Most think they need to get the power,have lost the power or never had the power to begin with. If all would realize they have and have always had the power to create at their finger tips. My comfort lies in the knowledge (light) that all will awaken to this realization and propel themselves into the greatest creative divine beings that were meant to experience love and joy abundantly.

Thank you sir for being a light bringer.




I just had to return to update this post. A few nights ago around midnight we received a call from the local police saying that they spotted a bag (that fit the description of my sons stolen bag) in a car and would we come down and identify it. We did and it was the bag...there is was sitting in the back of an suv parked at a local fast food restaurant. The officer said that it will be entered into evidence and that we would get it back. I will let you know the out come.

hmmm, ya never know what the law of attraction is trying to tell you, just keep the faith and there is probably something of value to learn from this! Thanks for sharing



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