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Hi everyone, It's been hard for me to relax round 3pm everyday I get grumpy and head-achy and sleepy. My mom says I should go Relax and I do. I deep-breath but when I do I get this tight clogged feeling in my throat. I think it's because I breath in too HARD and Force the air out of my body thought my mouth. I know I'm dong it wrong because when I do it with my mom I feel light headed and airy and calmer but that's because I go too fast and when I do it alone I don't feel any calmer then before and I get the tight feeling in my through. I do YOGA BUT NOT VERY OFTEN BECAUSE I get lazy, and I take naps often.

I need Suggestions and Ideas for Relaxing in the afternoon if I don't the grumpy and headiness lingers on till I fall asleep and I wake up feeling fine. Tamara told me about EFT I don't know much about it but I'll try it.if any of you have any ways of helping me that would be great =)


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I'm laughing at myself here, because the first thing that came to my mind was a HOT CUP OF TEA. It is a regular practice for me...I guess that is the ENGLISH in me. When my mother was alive, she would alway alert me at 3:30 or 4pm that we needed to have our cup of TEA. She would alway say "lets have a cup of TEA to soothe the savage beast in us". I would alway laugh and then put the Kettle on. I hope if you try it, it will help. Thank you for bringing a nice memory back.
Hugs JILLY ~♥~
Your welcome I`m glad that my complaining could actually help someone for a change! HAHA Tea time that sounds so British/English =) I`ll definitely try it I have 6 other siblings so I'm sure I can get at least 4 of them in on it =)

Thank you~♥~ Nadia


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