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15. How has the distinction between the conscious and subconscious been expressed?
A. "Conscious mind is reasoning will. Subconscious mind is instinctive desire, the result of past reasoning will."
I'm tired now. I will come back to continue this.
Makes sense
16. What method is necessary in order to impress the subconscious?
A. Mentally state what is wanted.
Hmm! Using conscious to affect subconscious
17. What will be the result?
A. If the desire is in harmony with the forward movement of the great Whole, forces will be set in motion which will bring about the result.
Hi Carla, I had to jump ahead a bit to catch up with on this one and figure out what question you were refering to . I deducted you are refering to number 17.
I think the answer posted in more on a global universal scale. Not so much a personal scale. I kind of equate it to Feng Shui. In Feng Shui you bagua your home first. Then you bagua each room. Sometimes each room will contridict the house as a whole. In this you find a balance.
I think the key word here when making some of these conclusions we need to find balance.
When you said:
We want to do what we want to do...etc
My opinion:
I think or purpose in life is already in us...we just need to discover what it was/is.
I think we came into this life with a purpose already and we lost site of it. This is part of our soul journey as an individual.
I think when Great Whole is mentioned here it is talking about the effects of when the great whole used the law in a collective fashion and the power the collective has verses the one.
I was reading recently how the vibration of the earth had dropped to an all time LOW when 911 occured. The effect on the earth was from the vibration of the collective that witnessed/heard about/experienced the 911 event.
I love when you said you will ponder this...I feel like sometimes I am in a state of ponder a good portion of the at myself...Love J
Good Morning, I'm just sitting down to my cup of coffee...sip ahhh and noticed that your reply was posted 9 hours ago from now. That would make it mid-night my time...I was in snoozzzzz
Anyway I love your elephant story. Great analogy.
About the Elephant thing and tapping the ear and the elephant going the other way. What we need to consider is this. If I in an open heart (that high frequency that connects with the source in the most perfect way ever) and I'm thinking "I want to go down the best path for me" and I tap the left ear and Mr. Elephant goes in the direction of the right ear, I can only know that do to my correct vibration the Universe heard my thought about what is in the Parentheses above and made the correction for me. We have heard the expression "think one thing and do another". We are not perfect and seek the Universe for that perfection. One gift that the Universe gives is that it pays "attention" to us when our heart is in the high vibration and the message we are trying to send is clear.
RE: (Your last statement about The way to go is finding the way the elephant wants to go.) I think when we are in that open heart high frequency...we are then in alignment and we naturally tap the correct ear. Tapping the correct ear is being in alignment with the source/Universe.
RE: ( The Law ) Like does attract Like...this is why being in alignment is so important and extreamely benificial. I think this is why the LAW recomends to make sure you think and say what you " REALLY MEAN".
RE: ( does GOOD here mean , direction chosen?) ...I think "good" can fall into that old belief pattern. We are all taught what "GOOD" is. GOOD is different for all people. Example: If I had parents that taught me that being a doctor would be GOOD for me and directed me down that path...I would now be an unhappy person.
Ok, time for my second cup-a-Joe...Thanks for the good conversation Carla, you make me think.
Love J
I love that...totally love that...Light bulb moment !...J
I like your interpretation!
18. What is the result of the operation of this law?
A. Our environment reflects conditions corresponding to the predominant mental attitude which we entertain.


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