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How is everyone?

I want to know how to visualize, put the thought and energy out there, then just let go, and trust that it will manifest, without me obsessing?  I have a hard time of just letting go without feeling like I'm doing nothing. 

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Dear Shayna,

I think visualization can be tricky.  I can think thoughts but it takes more effort to see pictures in my mind.  I can see pictures right as I am about to fall asleep, but I think with visualizing the goal is to create a picture in your waking mind.  I think you are correct that the trusting part is very important.  Trusting and believing go together in the three steps...ask, believe, receive...It may be okay to obsess as long as your obsessing is positive and devoting the proactive energy towards your end goal.  Releasing your wish to the Universe and trusting that the path will be set before you is huge.  I believe in you!  You can do this!  Maybe an affirmation will help you...something like..."I let go and trust the Universe to connect me with the path that will lead to the manifestation of my goal." You can use that affirmation or write one similar and say it often, that way you will not feel like you are doing nothing.  Just an idea.  You have this!

Love and Light,


Thank you Elizabeth :)  I think I might try doing the affirmation.

The thing that works for me is focusing on the now and living in the moment...doing things that bring me joy and happiness so that I'm on the same vibrational level as what I want to manifest.

Hi Shayna, I know I'm a bit late responding to this...hopefully you will see this.

Do you remember back when you were a young child and you played "make believe".  Returning to that innocence is what will bring the effortless visualizing you seek. Make believe that the desire you seek is already yours. Make Believe. That's it. I "make believe" all the time. Let your imagination go there...have fun when your mind is there. Sometimes I even grin when doing the "make believe" deed. Sometimes so crazy that my hubby or son will ask me what I'm grinning about. Some of my best "make believe" moments are when I'm in meditations. What I mean by meditations is this. When I'm in the garden mind goes off in to a world in to itself....then sometimes it will take a left turn toward "made believe".  ...then my mind will wander back to the world in to itself again. What ever you do to go to that meditation place...with me its weeding the garden, washing the dishes, ...some just sit still and om away. Not me...I am usually doing something that I enjoy that involves "not thinking" to accomplish the task. Funny that I should say that business involves a lot of sewing...something that I love to do....however I can sew with one hand tied behind my back (not literally) and I can meditate during this task as well. So while I am earning a living, I'm also meditating and do the "Make Believe" thing. Many Blessings to you, J

P.S. The reflection of your desire is in your minds eye. So if the desire is to spend time at the beach, your mind can make it happen for you.

I like using prayer.  I find it very helpful in putting my intention out there and it also enables me to release it by placing it into the hands of the Divine and then when I find myself doubting I know that I'm taking too much on myself and trying to force instead of letting things flow to me.

i am in the same boat and wonder do i keep visualizing the goal or just forget the actual details and afirm my trust in the universe? i have had some very intense visualizations for the past year on some of my goals that haven't manifested, and still have strong visualization of them. Yet some that were not so intense have manifested.

Personally, I try not to get to intense with the details. Sometimes when you do you create chaos. For example on how it will be delivered is a huge mistake. You limit the universe into a box. Leave the details up to the universe in saying or imagining that Source will deliver to you the best fit for you.

Thank you ... I'll work that in . Its a comfort knowing someone is there to help guide.

Hello everyone!!! :) Thank you all for your reply's, all really good. 

Allan I'm with you 100%.  I have things that I have strongly visualized for years, and have not (Yet) manifested (Maybe it's just not time) other things I have visualized have manifested quickly.  I just continue to be patient knowing that it will come :)



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