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I keep trying every method to manifest things in my life - some more important to me than others - and I'm just trying to understand how you're supposed to manifest things which are necessities of life, when everyone says you're supposed to "detach yourself" from the outcome.  For example: I'm working on manifesting the job/career I desire, and I'm currently not employed. I am working on manifesting my own apartment and again I'm at home with my parents. And I know a lot of people would say "be greatful you have somewhere to live" and I am. But the thing is, I'm experiencing a lot of verbal and emotional abuse from my father, and obviously the need for me to move out was there to begin with, but add that into the mix - how am I suppose to detach from the desired result? If I don't get to move I'm here and continue to experience abuse and to feel the need to go. How do you keep your mind right when you're experiencing so much disruption and stress. A lot of people can use LOA in their own quiet haven but I'm without that kind of space. And why when it comes to basic necessities like a job/income/personal space I have to detach from that result?  


PRACTICAL help to manifest my basic deserved neccesities in life would be greatly appreciated. Everyone tells me to have faith, but I need CONCRETE advice for situations like my own.  I know LOA works - it's how I lost weight and gained the confidence I have about myself and my worth - but for my own home, and an income - heck even my love life and reconnecting with people. My desires allude me. 


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Hello and nice to meet you.

I have heard the "detach from the desired result" from many people as well, and what i can conclude is...Don`t detach from the desire of living the reality of what you desire. Just detach from the anxiety of when its going to show up, or why it has not shown up yet.

Perhaps find a nice park, or bookstore where you can be alone and imagine living your desires " As if " they are your reality now.

Another thing i do is ask questions to my unconscious. ex. " Is there any part of me that is afraid or unsure about having this desire"? and then i wait..usually within a day or so, the answer will show up...I then do something called EFT, which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It helps with manifesting my desires in a powerful way.

Hope this helps


Thanks Patrick, It's I try so hard not to feel anxious but it's such a form of stress in my life - being unemployed, living where i do. The calls from creditors (and I don't even owe like 10,000 dollars it's like 3,000 or so and I'm unemployed to pay this small amount off). I dunno...sigh. 

Looking for a job is one of the most stressful things in life. It's tedious and depressing. Have you looked into other ways to make money in the mean time? Do odd jobs for neighbors and friends, or posting ads to babysit, do yard work or small repairs. Are you into art? Do you have things you could sell on Etsy or art sites? A way to get out of the house and make money until you find a full time job is to get a part time one. With the holiday season coming up tons of retail places are hiring. Always keep your mind on the ideal goal of a dream job but until then just bringing in something will hopefully help reduce the stress. 


Here's a link to my favorite blog, it's a post all about making money, both on and off of a job. It talks about education and how to make money with hobbies and selling things online:


 Once you start being able to bring in some cash and save some money, dealing with everything else will become much easier. I hope things get better for you! Sending you hugs and happy thoughts =)

Thank you so much for your advice. I've been liberal in the types of jobs I applied to, and I'm looking at other avenues. I do love art as well...I could try to look in that direction as well i suppose, though i don't know what I would sell...I need money for paint supplies, things like that :) 


Thank you so much dear :) 


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