The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I am currently in the process of opening up a new shop called, The Crafty Castle. This project has been on going for the past 2 years. I finally feel ready and good about things!! Our Grand opening is Oct. 19, 2011. We are located in Kenyon, Minnesota. My mind is going crazy with ideas of how to attract customers and was lead back here (CCOR).

We are a spiritual shop and sell ooak (one-of-a-kind) unique items I would greatly appreciate if you could share this with other friends and/or check us out on our online shop: 


Where Magickal artwork/crafts are created!!

Other online shops:


FB Fan Page:


Etsy Shop: 




My Creations & updates:


What I am grateful for: 


I love and appreciate any help! 


Peace & love ~Gypsie <3


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Hey my sweet friend. Check out this gal who is in your area. I think she is in your area anyway.

Here is her site.

Maybe you can both promote each other. You can give out her card in your shop and she can do the same for her clients.


Also ...I noticed a lot of the hip nail, tanning and hair salons in my town will let folks post a flyer or leave brochures for folks to read as they are waiting for their appointment. A great hook is if you promote a workshop for maybe making jewelry, or candle making etc. Its all about making the public aware. Some shops will let you put up a small un-intrusiveness display of say candles if you give the shop 10% of profits. Its worth a try huh.

Heck for a few bucks you can get a magnet for your car door with the name of your shop etc. You cant get one pretty cheap on vista print.

vistaprint car magnets

hand outs for salon customer

hands outs to promote shop/classes/discounts

These give you ideas, some you can do on your own computer and print yourself, for pennies.

I see the success already.

Love you girl...J 

Oh I almost forgot...When you approach the salon...Tell them you will also give out there card to your customers promoting there salon.

Hi Jilly! Thank you so much!! I just noticed these posts.....sorry for the delay! This is great!! I am very grateful :) Blessings~



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