The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I have a problem with my weight am struggling with it, for years!!!

I deceide to visualize the perfect body..but still im thinking i have to eat more less or 2 do a diet!

I have a vision board, with the perfect body...but i dont know whats the best thing 2 do!!

I need some advice!!

Thx a lot co creators!

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I wonder what would happen if you simply phrased it all in looking to create maximum health? You know instead of thinking "I have a weight issue" instead you say "I can't wait to be as healthy as I can be!". A sort of paradigm shift to your inner processing. I think a lot of folks see food as an enemy - or a temptress - but if you can see your food as a co-creator WITH you - it might provide a wonderful framework to proceed.

In any case - you are already perfect - so all we're talking about is some fine tuning.

Thank you Marti, did you do th same?
Hi have you ever try some nutrition products I love Herbalife I lost 50lb. 10 years ago and I keept off and Im also a dist. so I can get my product a dscount so you might want to check it out of if theres is anything I can help also get some weight loss affirmations and focus on what you want to achive not on how you feel or that you dont see results. whish you reach your goal I know you can!
Hi Rianne, I came to realize its all about feeling good.
I joined Megans group and she is very helpful and encouraging.
Its all about fitness.
I agree with Marti about watching your words about yourself.
Words/Thoughts are very powerful.
I am FIT
I am Healthy
I have the best body type for me
I eat right/healthy.
Here is the link to Megans group.
Also I suggest FENG SHUI.
When you get the clutter out of your house you also declutter youself.
Julie has a great group and John is a feng shui master and helps me alot.
Here is the link to Julies Feng Shui Group
I have a Vision Board Group and we will be starting a new project here in a week and I think you might be interested.
Here is the link to my group

Sending you love, light and energy...Jilly
thx a lot!!
i already made a visionboard, but will define it more!!
feng shui looks difficult :-s ?! what is yr experience?
I hope this link works....I found this recently and it really helped me!

Click on the video to watch it.
did you also buy the dvd? i like it!
No, I didn't but I am going to buy some of the other DVDs and I bought some cds to listen to while I drive. I think it would be a great one to have though!


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