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I'm starting a LOVE bracelet co. with my sis. Can anyone give me advice on what I would need to do to get distinction from other bracelets? By the way I Love You all!

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Yup if you are not already doing this - or if others are not - here you go.
OK you start a company in which clients tell you a list of things they love.
You & sis made something to represent each thing - like a charm.
But it's made for THAT person, based on what THEY love.
E.g. I love travel, cats, music, nature etc.
So you make me a charm bracelet with a suitcase charm, a cat charm, a musical note, maybe a tree charm (or flower one
I don't know how you could bring people we love into it but if there is a way - maybe a teeny tiny photo in a teeny tiny frame say of someone's spouse or baby as one of the charms.
I think the charms are a great idea. Thnx for you input?
Hi there,..

I think charms is a good idea too but I think what AthenaMarina was stressing was the aspect of giving your clients the option of customising the charm. I think thats where you can differentiate yourself from the competition.

Apart from that I had some more ideas-

perhaps make bracelets for both men and women. there are a lot of men who like to wear bracelets as long as those are sort of masculilne- and appealing to their taste. you can make bracelets for men along the lines of what is sold in stores like Aldo or Express , but make them out of crystals like rose quartz, amber etc.
try to design bracelets that are unique- as that would be extremely attractive
definitely make bracelets in every color- especially red- the power color
if your budget allows- think about making bracelets out of 22 carat gold and diamonds- then you can taget a much more upscale market, and potentially make a lot of profits. i love gold.
try to bundle- for example sell bracelets with nail polishes as a package, people might like that idea- its something novel and appealing , i think.

Hope this helps! sending prosperity your way.
Starting out small is definitely on the list:).I had the ide to do diamonds and rubys so i'm glad other people are thinking alike. Means I'm on track with what people want! Thnx Jenna Costo! I Like and definitely appreciate your imput!


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