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Love Reality and the time of transition - a clip that totally turned my world upside down. i need some guidance discussions and conversation about this

this clip totally blew me away, well blew my confidence out of the water. My blog post for today explains how i felt.

anyhow im hoping that some folks will take a look and offer some guidance discussions and conversations on their thoughts of the clip.

all feedback is realy really welcome.

the clip is called love reality and the time of transition.

from my heart, thank you  xxxx

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I had to watch this clip in two parts, yes, its a hard video to watch when it shakes up everything you believe in! but that is exactly what we need. we become to reliant on one way to do this or one way to do that, and when its taken away what do we have then? We then have to examine our fears, habits, and dreams because the foundation of our ways has been removed.

I think the key message is to stay open to ALL possibilities (not just positive), and to observe your experience from a non-judgemental view (not judging it to be negative OR even positive). We just have to surrender to things the way they actually are, and carry on doing the best we can.

This may all be easier said than done, but here on CCOR, we practice the law of attraction, and thats a belief that works for us. if we are intending to see things as they really are, intending to accept them and to change them for the better... by law of attraction it should be made manifest in our reality... at the very worst, it wont happen, but we'll be made concious of our reality as is... at the very best, our reality will be changed for the better!

its an interesting video, and its just an opinion of the guy who made it. take it for what it is, his beliefs. take from it what you will.

He mentions Carlos castaneda's 'warrior' character in the film too, and how it doesnt work for everyone... but castanedas books have been very transformative for me, even life changing!

For this reason, i really feel Don Miguel Ruiz's books on the 5 just shows you that everything we believe about the world has been taught to us and learned... but we don't have to keep up with those beliefs, we can change them.

another thing i suggest is checking out Greg Braden's youtube videos... he combines scientific proof with biology of the human body, showing how much our energy actually effects the world. We do have an impact on this world. we just have to conciously clear our energy and let go of negativity every day...

but then again this is all just my opinion... haha... I don't really know either, this video definately shakes it up. but thats a good thing, keeps me on my toes. thanks for sharing.

Haley wow thanks for your thoughts, it was great to read them, you bring alot of good points to my attention. ive watched a number of greg bradens videos and enjoyed them, i like seeing the science/ spiritual connections seeing science and the new technologies available giving proof of what we seekers have believed/known  for a long time. thansk for the book reccomendation, im going to look for the 5 agreements  by miguel Ruiz,  his book has been crossing my path a few times these past months but i didnt check it out, so im going to do that now, thanks!

You are right and i need to remember it always, that this movie and others i watch are just opinions of other people. i really need to keep that conscious. thanks for the reminder.

have a wonderful season, thanks for takign the time to share your thoughts, i apreciate it and learned from it too. blessings to you xxxNayana



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