The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I am putting together a book of 7 mandala meditations which include paintings, music and text written by myself. Each meditation has a theme and purpose and each song has been written
specifically for each painting. I would love for you all to download
these pictures and send me your email address so I can send you the
corresponding song and for you to give me feedback/testimonials based on
what you have experienced. I have friends and family who have done
these and have had a great response. Now it's time for a wider community
to comment. The pictures aren't the best quality but you'll get the
same benefit. Soon I will have prints made which will be available for
purchase if anyone is interested in having a full size version on

And remember to send me your email address so I can send you the songs. There isn't a completed song for Divinity yet but you can use the other songs if you'd like. Also there is some
text written and some not written so if you would like an explanation of
the meditations let me know and I can provide that given some time.


We Are One:


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Wow. I really got a stong positive energy from your pictures. I have to admit I was skeptical then I started scrolling down and just got seriously pumped as the pictures passed. Amazing that the energy can come through as I'm looking at a computer screen. I really didn't expect that at all.

Meditation is my saving grace. When I skimp out on my meditation my life reacts immediately. I will certainly love to participate. I'll send you my e-mail shortly.
Wonderful Granddezyn! Thanks for checking em out. I wrote the blog before the discussion so I uploaded the songs under the picture here. "This One's For You" if for the painting "Awareness" and "Walk in the park on a sunny day" is for "We Are One."

I'm still working on the song for the third. Let me know if you'd like text for any of them. I have text written for the first but if you'd like the others it would be a good excuse to write them. :-)
These are great! I am getting into making madalas as well. Would love to experience meditating with yours. Let's connect via email
Magic Passion Love & madalas!


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