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Let's hear your stories about manifesting a great home/place to live in a short time!!

I'm presently working on manifesting a great sunny, safe, secure space to move into in a "green location" with all amenities including a working fireplace and a garage for the car as soon as possib!e.

...I am presently manifesting a beautiful place in green surroundings that is sunny, has positive energy and high vibration with HEALTHY, creative manifesters/inspiring achievers/creative, fun people, and meets all needs, as soon as possible.
Also manifesting two or three AMAZING, careful, security-minded, confidential helpers with a van who can keep track of everything and do the moving honestly, securely and professionally to this beautiful, spacious, convenient, economical new home where I can do creative work, belongings will be left where I put them, and everyone is honest, considerate and trustworthy. A place of happiness, fun and laughter that feels like a place where I can be comfortable, entertain friends, and be "at home."

Using affirmations, meditation, "visioning" and vision boards. Positive thoughts/energies/prayers welcome!
Please do share how YOU have manifested great housing in a short period of time!

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Yes, we've done that many times over the years. The first time, it was winter and we had one month to move and I was 7 months pregnant. All we cared about at that point was a having a roof over our head and to have affordable rent. We found one place for $100 more than we were paying at that time, but it was a older mobile home. We never thought to manifest something better than that. When we had to move from there, we put our intention into what we wanted and I remember saying I don't mind if we have to share with a neighbor. Sure enough, we got a gorgeous place, but we also got a close neighbor. With three rambunctious kids, that ended up not being a good home for us. So we had to manifest another home. This time we made sure to be more specific. We found a great house, big yard, room for garden, good landlord, and many of the things we requested. It's not perfect but it has most of the things we requested....we forgot a few things to add...but the universe gave us what we asked for.

Good luck to you - and believe that the universe will deliver because it always does! Be sure to be specific about location,neighbors, and little details so your not pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised like we were.
Thanks for the helpful story and good advice. Yes, I really understand this time about including surrounding people - must be congenial, honest, fun and interesting, supportive, caring and good, considerate neighbors. Maybe I'll "up the ante" and go for an apartment or house instead! Even though I was trying to keep it simple for now.
Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm currently single and 6 months pregnant. I'm staying at my parents house with my adorable pup, and feeling discouraged. I appreciate hearing this right now! It's already helping me realign myself with my vision. I see us living in an affordable, spacious, sunny cottage..ideally 2 rooms but 1 room is good too. Average rent for a 1 bedroom in Santa Barbara CA is $1200 to $1300 per month. I just decided right now that I'm manifesting a place that costs less than that. My ideal rent is $1000/month. This cottage has a full kitchen, including a Merritt stove/oven, a full bathroom that includes a clawfoot tub and shower, and a fenced in yard for my doggie.

I'm also envisioning plenty of room for a garden and all my potted plants. I really like Craftsman or Victorian style houses, of which there are plenty of here in town. I also enjoy having a stand alone cottage (no shared walls).

I envision living mid town near Mission/De La Vina Streets (I've lived in this area before and loved it). I also see myself with open minded, friendly, quiet neighbors. There's a washing machine inside the unit, and a double sink in the large kitchen (lots of space to store everything). I have fruit trees and a raspberry bush, among other wonderful plants and space to grow more. I've searched quite a bit this month. My ideal time to move is NOW! :)
I also envision the property manager making prompt repairs and keeping the cottage and yard well-maintained. I have my own parking space (maybe even a garage), and plenty of storage. Everyone living around me is respectful, kind, and mature. We live where the sun shines in on us every morning, and waves goodbye to us at night. Green living is encouraged and practiced. My child is treated well, and she has some neighborhood buddies. Alright, I think that's it for now! I intend this is our home. So be it and so it is! :)
Be specific! I once manifested an amazing affordable piece of land. It turned out to be exactly what I asked for but not perfect because developing it WASN'T affordable! :-) State your price, state your suburb, be really, really clear on what you want and then wait for it to fall in to your hands. It's that easy!

I've manifested a few homes, the one I moved from and the one I am currently living in as well as an apartment that I used to live in part time. All have been great and came quickly and easily. The timing is always perfect. Put your order in: ask, believe, receive!

Thanks for this thread because you hit on one area that I am good at - makes me see how easy it is to practice in some other areas of my life. Thank you!
Great advice. Thank you ~

Did you use vision boards for the homes you manifested?

Say more ! It's really fascinating!

For the peice of land (I should have been more specific) I used visualizing and feeling. I visualized sitting in a swing on the patio with the exact view I wanted! It took a couple of weeks and I got the land at a steal of a price. As I said, I couldn't afford to develop it but I still made a really good profit on it in a turnaround deal. :-)

I have vision boards now but like to use them with other ways of manifesting. For me, feeling the feeling and setting intent are the best. I find that when I have unbedning intent, anything is possible. Deepak Chopra says: “It is to make an unchangeable decision from which it is impossible to go back. It is single-mindedness of purpose. It is a well defined purpose not countermanded by any other conflicting desires or interests.” I find that the universe takes care of the details IF I can hold the intent. I seem to do better in some areas of life than in others.

Very interesting, Sue. Thanks for sharing this. I find, too, that the more positive energy I can put into the visualization, the better the results. I use it with vision boards, too, and manifested the spacious place I have now with lots of windows, light, and yellow walls, GREAT location, etc. -But the people part was lagging - way too many problems there! So now, I am affirming that I am living in the great new space I envision, with plenty of room and places to put things in a POSITIVE ENERGY place of high vibration (very important) and "good feng shui," with or near people of high vibration, who are inspiring, HONEST and trustworthy, physically and emotionally healthy, positive-minded, centered, "evolved and aware" creative, happy achievers who are fun, caring and considerate, and also allow me plenty of independence and freedom of expression -- artistic, creative, music, social, privacy, etc. The place is ALSO very secure and safe - has a GARAGE for my car, is FREE to move into and through the end of the year and then is VERY cheap (I have the exact economical amount in mind) because I'm in a work development phase and choose to be very "Scotch"/thrifty at this time. I would also like it to have a working fireplace, garden and be in a green view location, up-to-date kitchen, no problems whatsoever about space or personal/spatial boundaries, respect for belongings, and clear, light, bright, sunny colors. It is in an excellent, GORGEOUS location, very convenient, near transportation(s), shops, groceries, cafes, and a piano I can use. A cat or two would be fun, as long as they're not too distracting re: my work at home or need me to take care of them, unless owners are away or something. I know that it is not my business to figure out where this incredible housing package and situation is to come from. I just know that it is mine now, and that I can move in SOON!! Is that specific enough, do you think? : ) haha Isn't manifesting fun?
There are several thing that I love about where I live but I am trying to manifest a major refinance and remodel. This is what needs to happen for my house to match who I've become. Today I have the appointment with the lawyer- I must win this!!!

I don't have advice, just visualize and take inspired action. Good luck. I'll pray for both (all) of us today.
Hi Elaine -

Thanks for your reply.

I'll say a prayer for your perfect outcome for refinancing, too.

One thing I have found helpful is to give thanks to the Universe/God in advance for the desired results.

Before your meeting, say, "Thank you for the (specific details) perfect outcome to this meeting today." or, "Thank you for the perfect solution for refinancing." Say it a lot of times. Lilou's suggestion about the 17-second treatment works well. Or, just say it 17 times or more.

I will hold positive thoughts for you.
Good luck!

Thank you for this suggestion. However, it looks like that didn't work out as I planned. My ex wouldn't even go to the lawyer with me. He is himself also a lawyer and ironically doesn't trust or respect lawyers much.
This was my last attempt at working things out ....

so now I am in the same boat with you, trying to manifest a wonderful place to live.

I want to manifest a place that will have a good flow of energy so I can easily manifest all the things I want in life- a wonderful social life, an incredible new romance and sex life, happy thriving children, and of course lots of abundance of all kinds. I am excited about this because I am really going to use this as an opportunity to leave the old me behind and step into the new me. It is very exciting to imagine the ways that I will be able to transform my life.
Hi Elaine -

I am very much on a parallel goal course with you. Interesting, isn't it.
Glad you are looking at this latest development as opportunity in disguise. Yes, now it is time to leave the old behind and step forth into the new life you have envisioned for yourself.

I'm thinking very much the same way -- we have "outgrown" the previous places and life is encouraging us to develop ourselves in more productive and rewarding ways. For me, this includes throwing out half my stuff - make room for the new - and definitely for the special relationships I "see" coming my way.

Sometimes the prospect of a lot of change can cause some apprehension, but it will be worth it.

Keep me posted on how you're doing. I'm doing the affirmations, the videos and meditations, and writing out that desired results. Something good has to show up for us soon!



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