The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I have been thinking about this lately and would like someone to give me their perspective/opinion.  I want to work my dream job (like everyone else here) and I want to know how will I know I am on the right path to my dream job or career? I have many interests... at the moment I want to sell container gardens at flea markets until I can open my own shop which I think is my dream job... to be my own boss is the bottom line. But so far I am not making enough money to cover my expenses. I get great feed back but hardly any sales... I visualize paying customers and repeat positive affirmations to get customers. I have tried different businesses before and the samething... it turned out to be a hobby which is fine but not if I intend to make a living at it.


I also still am not earning the money during the week to pay the monthly bills  (I have talked about this before) and I am working on that. Do you think it is better to focus on one intention at a time? like finding work that is fun and pays me well? Am I too scattered wanting lots of things at the sametime. I think it is ok to have a list written down of what I want or a vision board showing all things I want to achieve and have in my life... but maybe the daily focus should be on one thing? When I manifest a well paying job that is fun and gives me weekends off then I can focus on building my own business.  What do you think? Anyone else with the same dilema?

p.s    I am writing down daily everything I am grateful for and thinking about gratitude throughout the day for all I have manifested thus far.

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hi Inge! how do you feel when you think about your dream job? do you feel happy? do you get excited? can you feel the energy and enthusiasm bubbling up inside you? can you feel the hopefulness and postive expectation that it is going to come? if that's how you feel when you think about it, by all mens go ahead and think, focus, visualise, but don't do it so that it will come to you. instead, visualise and feel what it would be like for the sheer pleasure of it

but if when you think of it you feel worriesome, wondering how things are going to come together, wondering if you're doing it right, or doing it because you think you need to to make things come faster, best not to. those are signs that your belief and expectation of it showing up are not quite aligned with your desire. your desire has already been thrown out there, you do not have to focus on it to make it come. you could spend your days doing the happy dance and working on your business only when you feel inspired to and opportunities and sales increases will literally come out of nowhere (well, your thoughts to be exact!)

you will know if you are on the right path by how it makes your heart sing. when I write songs I will smtms feel this incredible sparkly prickly feeling of energy all around me and through me, it is like I am tapping into the divine, it's an awesome experience! there is a feeling of overwhelming joy and like I could just burst with happiness. that's how I know it is what I am meant to do! and you don't have to be an artist to feel that (although you are!)... even ppl in business or any job imaginable could feel that massive wave of what I call phenomenal agreement from the Universe. it will tell you everytime by how you feel :) just be happy by any means possible and the direction and knowing will fall into place. much love Inge!


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