The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Getting back with your ex is no small matter. There's a lot to consider like; who will reach out first.

I will share some with you.

When you trust and believe that your creations in the Mental Plane (your mind) will eventually manifest in the Physical Plane (your physical reality), there is nothing else to do in the Physical Plane.

If you’ve been visualizing and sending unconditional love to your ex, yourself, and to everyone around you, “no contact” should not be an issue.  In other words, there’s no need to reach out. The best thing to do is continue giving substance to your mental images by vibrating love. As long as you do not negate your creation with feelings of doubt, fear, and anxiety, it has no choice but to manifest in your reality sooner rather than later.

If you would like to contact your ex, you can, but I would like to add two conditions:

ONE: Contact only if you have already done the necessary work in the Mental Plane (changing your thoughts and feelings) and when you have given yourself and ex unconditional love and acceptance.

Only you know if there has been a shift in the way you look at things since taking this course. Only you know if there’s a significant improvement in the way you “think” about things. Be honest with yourself.

TWO: Contact only if you already mastered “not adding meaning to your neutral experiences”.

Everything that happens to us is neutral. It is our perception of the event / experience our our tendency to add positive or negative meaning to it that makes it negative or positive.

When you contact, just contact, that’s it. No need to add your story to it. No need to add: “What if they don’t reply?”, “Am I doing this correctly?”, etc.

Contacting them should be a neutral event. There’s no need to obsess whether they read your message or not, and it doesn’t matter what they think or do. The only thing that matters is what you create in your mind.

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