The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hi lovely Co-creators! I’m starting a 2nd season on here.


I never got to complete my first one so I’m giving it another go. I am very clear what my goals are and I’m just looking for someone online and in NYC I can connect and mastermind with and have as an accountability partner.

There are so many wonderful talented co-creators on here but if you feel you can be professional, goal oriented and have an unrelenting faith in  achieving goals as well as give me quality feed back then please feel free to take a look around my page and message me if you are interested.

I intend for us to share our goals with each other candidly, chat or talk on the phone about how to go after our goals in a step by step approach. We will touch base twice a week. Once at the beginning of the week (Sometime on Monday) and at the end of the week on Sunday and anytime in between when one of us might feel like we are faltering or in need of a chat.

You do not have to be a professional coach, but please respond if you are goal oriented and success driven.

Reaching goals or  and manifesting a vision that only you can see can be quite hard.

I'm calling for anyone who is able to help keep me on the right track. We can be each other's pillars for the next 100 days. I need your help. If you think you can benefit from a relationship like this, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Lots of light and love! Charlie Cakes

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I would love to be your accountability partner.


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