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I was meditating everyday using a guided meditation that was set to music. I then read online that to get deeper into mediation, beyond using it for just stress reduction and relaxation, it should be done in silence. This has stopped my meditation practice cold because it is difficult for me to control my thoughts as well without the music. However I feel that with the music I am not getting as deep as I would like to , which is to connect with the unified field of all possibilities. I am curious to hear about your experiences with mediation and to get some advice. Thank you Co-Creators!!   

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Hello! When I meditate I also do it to music.

However the more you practice, the easier it should get. A few months ago I could not even focus to just music, I had to do guided meditations with people telling me how to relax! In a few months I plan to go for just small noise, like a fan blowing, and then after a while just silence.

Think of meditation like a sport! Train yourself to do what you want :)))

I hope I helped!

That was really helpful. A great way to approach it, like I'm training. Thank you!!

I am grateful that I came across this post, because I too is using guided meditation. Like your experience, it is also hard for me to control my thoughts even with music, the more if it is in silence. I know it is worth with all my efforts without music, so I can get the best connection with my Higher Self .

Hi,A few months ago I could not even focus to just music, I had to do guided meditations with people telling me how to relax!


I have been many courses of Art Of Living where meditation becomes natural for us then ,after certain practices  like doing some simple yoga or pranayama.

A simple technique I would like to explain you would be suppose you take longs runs for may be 15 -20minutes after that you will simply and easy slip into meditation when you close your eyes and sit down.

Posting you some better links which do not involve but are guided meditation by the Founder of Art Of Living Foundation H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji.

Here you go,you can search many more suitable to your time range of meditation

Hope this will help a lot

Also if you wish to do courses which will make meditation effortless and extremely a natural chore for you



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