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Meditation / Visualization Technique that has helped me a lot

The "technique" that I use is something I actually developed through manifestation that works incredibly well for me. Feel free to try it out yourselves but if it's not something you can get into then what I would recommend is that you ask the Universe for a technique that will allow you to focus all your desires and dreams into a short amount of time so that you can just "BE" during the day.

The goal for this technique is to get all the hopes, dreams, desires and ultimately worries out of my head so that I can just live my day and be able to see the magic that happens. It's a meditation/visualization technique with the intention of creating the perfect day for me to lead me to the better feeling story I tell.

In the morning before I "get ready" for work (I usually take a shower before I do this) I sit down in a comfy chair, close my eyes and start to breathe. I invoke the feelings in me that I feel are happy and joyous. I bring them up to certain levels and then let them setting in peace. So I bring up the "smile on my face" level, the level that just feels good and then I relax and let that energy settle into a peaceful feeling within me. Then I increase the vibration up to excitment, bringing in images of things that I feel excited about if I need to in order to build up that vibration. Once I feel like I have this vibration I let it settle into peace. The next vibration I work towards is an overwhelming sense of joy. Again I build this up and when it's dominant in my vibration I let it settle into peace.

Each higher vibration that you reach for will take a little bit longer than the first due to the rarity that we invoke it but with each day that passes of this exercise you will notice that the higher vibrations will take less and less time to achieve.

Once I reach my desired vibration (depends on how much I want to get into it. I haven't spent more than 5 minutes building a vibration but I bet it could easily be done for as long as you want.) I start to "tell my better feeling story." I start to bring into my vibration the dreams and desires as if they are with me now. This combined with the vibration you built is powerful and the vibration will actually help you visualize more easily.

The final step that I feel is the most important is closing the technique. You've done your work, you've put your dreams out there with strong vibrations. In my opinion you are done for the day so thank the Universe for taking care of these desires and remind yourself that whatever happens today is happening because of the vibrations and desires you put out there. If there is a difficult situation be grateful for it because this is what is supposed to happen for you to get to where you want to go.

Your day is taken care of. All you have to do is pay attention to the subtle hints and clues that the Universe gives you and act based on inspiration instead of just acting because you feel you have to. 

So to simplify this technique:

As soon as you feel awake enough yet before you start thinking about your day:
1. Sit down in a comfy chair and take a nice deep breath
2. Build up the feeling of joy in your body
3. Once the feeling is built to a comfortable level release it into yourself with a peaceful feeling
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you've reached a comfortable level of joy, increasing the feeling each time you repeat.
5. Start to tell your story. Run through your mind events that you would like to take place, people you would like to meet, things you would like to have. Wrap them all into the same story for continuity. For instance this morning I told my story of me sitting down for this meditation in a new house, taking my time to build up stronger and stronger feelings, then writing this technique down on my new macbook laptop. Keep going through your story, expanding on ideas and insights you receive. In my experience this step comes to a natural end if you just tell your new story.
6. Breathe deeply, thank the Universe for allowing you this life and thank it for allowing your to live the most perfect day. (You've already lived your "dream life" in your head so you are free to just live now)
7. If you ever start to feel worry, doubt or your ego coming in just remind it that things are being taken care of.

I've done this technique for almost every day for three weeks and I am completely amazed at the results that it has brought. Not only the manifestations that happen but the strength that I have gained to actually move towards that dream I set forth. I find that this takes all energy away from the ego and uses it in a short burst in the morning so that it has little to no energy to take control later in the day.

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Thanks...great technique..will do.
Thank you for sharing this inspiring exercise!
Awesome technique Chris. Thanks for sharing!
cool, thank you for sharing this. I will try this.


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