The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Mom's cancer has spread (stage 4 melanoma for a year now). I choose to focus on her succellful battle, and finding a job that will allow me to visit.

Ok, this is more of a blog post than anything. But keep her in your thoughts, or let this inspire you to be grateful.

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You may want to look into Garrison Therapy I have information and movies on my website but it can be found on youtube as well. I small suggestion is do not look at her "successful battle" instead look at her healthy body parts, see her as her health can be through the power of source/god, know her wellness and know her spirit. She is spirit first and foremost and that is the most powerful thing she can use in her knowing wellness. Make her laugh and watch her light grow!

Yes, that's what I mean. Thank you. When she first decided to go "all-in" with her treatment, she started talking about this being a war on the cancer. Since finding out about her condition on Friday, I say to the cells in my body (which used to be part of her body, right?) I tell them to send strength and love to the cells in her abdomen and to help them resonate with healing frequencies.

I'm two states away from her, but hoping these primal frequencies can reach her. Otherwise, I'll be there in the hospital when she receives her IV treatments, and will do what I can to help her energies.

I'm not sure she'll respond to Garrison Therapy. She tends to twist things around in her mind, and they come out differently than described in the treatment program. But maybe I should leave acceptance up to her, and send her the information anyway. What's she going to do? Call me a freak?

Decided for yourself that her cancer is gone, see nothing but health in her, moving through her and around her. Knowing her well being is the most healthy thing you can do for her (in my personal opinion). If she would like to talk about it, try to use words like it is a past tense thing that has already been healed. I have some movies and links on my website about this therapy, though it is a change in food, if she had no faith in it then don't be upset, the belief is more important then the therapy. There are two one hour movies on you tube watch them and decide if one may be better then the other for her or send her both. I have done this before with someone in our family who just said they couldn't get into it. That is fine for them, it does not have to change how you think. Instead get her to laugh, have her enjoy, encourage her to get her mind on anything joyful. If your mom isn't open that is her choice, but know that it is your choice as well and you can see her in her total state of health. 

There was a time my mother called my ideas weird or even scary, but now she calls for advise. Sometimes all you can do in continue to live with love and joy and let them catch on if they choose.


She and you will be in my prayers, don't lose faith, i hope this video comes across as


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