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Hey guys newbie here, it was nice to meet you all!

I just wanted to ask what do you do when you lost your motivation to work or do the same routine all over again? I just got hired recently, I've been with this company for two months now but as days passed by I feel like I'm getting tired of it, and I have my reasons why. Can you please tell me what to do, how can I be inspired again?

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Inspiration comes from goals. Often we let the drudgery of life erode our enthusiasm, joy, inspiration and more importantly  our motivation because  we lose track of our goals. When we don't have goals our life deteriorates into making a living  instead of designing a life.

So I would advise that you design a goal, focus on it with faith and belief and keep this in the  forefront of your focus each day.

Now the catch is that for some time we will need to do what we don't want to do, but know each task when done with a focus on our goal will move us closer to where we need to be!

Try to take a different perspective of your job. Maybe depending on your job, you could make a game out of going to work. Reward yourself for showing up each day with a treat or save up for something special. I hope this might be a little bit of help.




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