The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Does anyone have any Law of Attraction experiences for moving out or moving abroad?

I'm trying to move forward in my life towards a fresh beginning. I feel now is the time. No rush no worries.

Thanks for any advice!

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You need to have a clear idea of what you want,  where you want to go and what you want do! Define a goal, a new life image detailing these important elements and then get emotionally involved with these ideas throughout the day.

Next will be the essential part of doing whatever you can each and everyday in order to build up a momentum towards getting you into the life that you want. Now you may have to start doing something arbitrary...but start!

Mixed in with the above needs to be a steadfast desire that drives you daily!

Thanks for the advice, Allan. I'm definitely going to process this info so I can use it in the best way.


Hi Stacey,

I'm with you on this one!  I have loads of things to clear out of a family house and am moving forward, like you. 

Am thinking that breaking the challenge down into small tasks that you can easily complete may be the best approach - at least it is for me.  I'm planning to make a chart that room by room lists what areas and things must be cleared, then check each one off as it's completed.  Then you could have a vertical line - like a graph going up to show how much progress you're making and how quickly. 

Might help - good luck with it anyway.!


Thank you Co-creative for your advice. I'm definitely working mentally towards these ideas you've shared.



I have never felt such attraction, but it is amazing to feel it.


I definitely enjoy visualizing about moving and traveling to new cities.



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