The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hello everyone! I am Grace. Few years ago when I was dumped by my boyfriend, I was super down! I told myself, it is indeed a gift to myself to love myself more. It was then the movie The Secret landed into my hands, and the rest was history in my applying the Law of Attraction. A man came into my life, we started our relationship and I got pregnant. Being pregnant in a seemingly a miracle for someone with defect both of her ovaries, but thank you God for such a wonderful gift - my daughter! With gratitude and affirmations daily and the belief that I will indeed become a mother let me bear a baby - a miracle for me!

Everything gave me smiles, but just barely two years in a relationship with the father of my daughter who is so negative in many ways, also dragged me and drained my energy. The wedding he promised me was put off, I am not that happy with my relationship with him anymore, he has no good relationship with my family anymore. We now both find the worst in each other, making me angry, resentful and hurt. Wheeew! I really miss the happier me!  The once love and inspirations provider to everyone around me now also needs help and inspirations. I am so grateful that I found this forum, I am sure that  each success story that I read here will once again bring back the love and the smiles in me. For that, I am grateful being here, be inspired and be an inspiration as well in my own little way:-)

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Hello Grace!  Today is the first day of my first season here and i am grateful as well for finding this place.  I just wanted to say that I totally understand when you speak of negative persons, one cannot avoid, who drain you of your energy.  As fast as I can relate to you, is just as fast as I do my best to get off the subject!  So, I wanted to share with you the method to my madness that helps and reminds me of preserving my precious energies.  That is, whenever I start feeling like it is a loosing battle and I will be the one left drained, over-caring and mentally or emotionally frustrated, I say to myself the word "protect," chant in your mind silently if you need to, even if the negative is looking right at you or sitting next to you.  The way it works for me is knowing that the word itself cannot protect me...but that it is a reminder of the type of energy I am dealing with and that I must protect myself from having my energies drained.  Then I go straight to "Ho'oponopono," which is a Hawaiian word that means back to 0-zero...and goes with the following...i love you, i'm sorry, i forgive you and thank you...It's such a silly word with great meaning that it's almost fun to use it.  I have realized and acknowledged that the negative energy makes me stagnant, unproductive and unhappy...which is not good for anyone around me...especially ME!!  It's tough when children are intertwined in the middle of negative adult energy!  I wish you all the best here with your challenge and hope you find the happy you again!

oh yah...then i will leave the vicinity of the negative energy to go do something positive all while manifesting that the negative energy goes away and leaves me alone long enough to re-up!  :D  Usually I will turn on my meditative music on and somehow the household has gotten that cue that mom needs breathing room...

Hello Grace! Today is the first day of my first season here and i am grateful as well for finding this place.

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