The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hi! Tomorrow I'll start season 1!! I'm so excited, I have a few goals that I need to manifest and I would really appreciate some support, just reading me, giving me advice, everything, even a good-vibe thought will help me!!

I want to manifest:

1. Success for my business. I own a women oriented sex shop and last months have been really hard, but I know that it's because I've been too distracted with other things and I need to focus on making it a big success as I know it can be!! This is my main goal, 'cause last months my partner (who's also my boyfriend) and I have been putting money into it, and if we go on like this, it'll be hard to get my second goal, that is....

2. An amazing vacation in Europe! We've been planning it for two years, but one thing or another, and we haven't been able. But now that business will be much better, we deserve to finally have our romantic and exciting adventure!

3. Before traveling, I have to get in shape. I broke my foot a few months ago (I totally brought this to my life, long story) so I need to get my legs strong for walking, plus losing a few pounds and I'll also want to have a nice skin, 'cause it'll be a romantic get away and I want to look pretty!! :D

4. A new car. This one is funny, when I was younger my family didn't have a lot of money, so I grew up thinking "a car is hard to get" even when we had 3 cars, I always thought I wouldn't get a car till I worked. So, when other of my friends were driving through collegue and so, I never had a car. Then I though that I wouldn't buy a new car, it's too expensive... plus, I need my first car to be an old car in case I crash... and I really manifested that! I have an old car (+10 years) and it's all crashed up!! So it's time to change that, I deserve a new car and I amm getting one! :)

What am I doing to get all this? Well, first, for my business I'm making a 100 day action plan with the idea that everyday I will do something to make business better :) working with my employees, an advertising campaign, etc. I'm also starting a fitness plan and I know that what I need to manifest my other goals will come to me. What do you think?

I would LOVE to share my process, and I want to share yours too! together we'll make things happen for us! :D  Any advice, meditation and practices I should follow? Thanks!! :D


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Good luck in manifesting everything you want this season! Looks like you have some amazing goals for yourself. Enjoy the journey!
I'm starting my day 1 tomorrow so I would love to share my stories as well as reading yours. I like the fact that your goals are very clear, I think that's very important.

I have been manifesting things in the past and in many cases it has worked well once I have managed to release it into the universe. My main goal at the moment is to manifest a job which matches my qualifications but also is fun and rewarding. I would also like to move from my flat here in London to a new city / country and create a beautiful home.

For me personally meditation is very important, I tend to overthink things and I worry alot so meditation is a must in order for me to still my mind and allow the manifestation process to begin.

I try to express gratitude as often as I can. This usually happens when I am on my way to work. I walk down the street and list all thethings that I am grateful for.

Another practioce which was recommended to me by a 'medium' is to create a 'story' of how you would like the things to be ... so in your case maybe you see yourself waking up early in the morning, you do your morning exercises, you get dressed and head off to work. Visualise how clients visit your shop and spend large amount of money. You might be receiving a large order that day or maybe you have been contacted by a magazine that want to feature your store in their monthly edition.... she told me to play this movie in my head 17 tines a day for about 7 seconds each time.

Hope this helps.

I have some trouble releasing to the universe, I know that when I release things they come easily, but my mind keeps holding back! Meditation and gratitude for what I already have will help me, I'm sure... I'll also try the story technique... thanks for the wonderful advice!! :D
Hey stargirl
you sound like you pretty much have things sorted. I agree with alot of what KM has advised, sit down and write up what everything will look and feel like when you reach each of your goals. Meditate on these with the feeling of gratitude and you will see all the blessings in your life that will help you reach your desires.

Expect to receive and be open to it and most of all, beware of frustration, it can cause panic and indecision.

One suggestion while your foot is still healing is to try pilates, ive got a bit of a bad knee so pilates is great for me, although I prefer hiphop classes and doing zumba, however, till i loose some of this excess weight that crept up on me, i have to make do with what I have, lol.

All the best for the start of your challenge and for the coming 100days. Use the forum to ask for ideas or suggestions, its a great place to get info and support.

Hello Aeroney!! Pilates sound great, I was wondering what kind of excercise should I start and I think it's a wonderful idea!! I'll also work on my writing, thank you very much for your support and help! :D
Update: so far, I'm good... but the real challenge starts on monday, I'm also a collegue teacher and on monday I'll start a monday to friday course form 7 to 11 am, and I also have classes at night from 7pm to 10 pm... So I'll have to plan my schedule and make some time for meditation and relaxation, otherwise I'll lose my focus!!



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