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Hey guys, here is weird one, that I can't seem to put my finger on. I came off Face book for about 3 months, I permanently deleted my Face book profile. Now as of the other day I have sign back up on it and have uploads a few pictures have some family and friends that I know, and some people that I used to go school far.

Now I am having a problem, I feel a negative feeling towards Face book, it's like I cant put my finger on why, but it's like I need to sort it out in my mind. Earlier I had the urge to wipe it off again completely! That feeling of getting rid of something completely, so it ain't in my life is what appealed to me deleting it in the first place. And I am not being funny I have been so much more happy and in alignment since I did. But now I have joined it again and it is bringing a lot of negative emotion for some reason.

It's like I keep changing it around, to try and make it just right. Like limit what people can see. Because there is apart of me that, feels like people are appearing into my life, when I would rather just do my own thing, with out people knowing what I am doing.

I have tried to do a positive aspect to change my mind so far I have got

I can keep in touch with friends.
I can keep in touch with my family.
It's a door so people can get in contact with me.
It's a door for opportunity's, networking, coming across information/things that will benefit me.
I have met various women though facebook, that would not have happened if I was not on facebook.

I can't seem to think of anything else.

The main reason I went back on it, so I get in contact with a few people that I didn't have there mobile number and sometimes it's easier to just send a message just to say hello then to ring them on the phone for no reason at all.

I thought I was inspired to join face book, because I had a really strong urge to do so. But now I seem to have this weird feeling, every time I go on there, I finding it hard to shift it. It's like I want it just the right way, so then I can become calm, settled.

I have been picking a choosing who to add and who I accept to add me. I have accepted some people, that I now regret. I feel that they are people that I have never spoke to or really ever will. The feeling of people looking at my profile, is like them looking at me and every move that I do. And there is a part of me that would rather just do my own thing, and live my own life, and have the people around me that are for my highest good! Yeah maybe it feels like people are in my life, through being on there, that would of not other wise came into my life with that which matched my vibration??

any thoughts guys! I feel awesome coming on here! I have no negative feeling what so ever, and I write personal blogs and everything! lol.

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Hi Teejay, Funny I never joined FaceBook or that other one when if first started. At the time I figured, anyone that I really wanted to keep in touch with, I knew how to find them and they knew how to find me without facebook.

I guess its all about what you want in your life.

Funny because I was thinking just the other day how I would like TV out of my life.
About a year ago I thought about getting rid of the satelite connection. Then I thought, "I might miss something". Then do you know what happened.?..The electricity went out for 3 day in a storm (no TV) and then when the electricity came back on the satelite company had to come out and reset the dish...another 3 days(total 6 days without TV).
So you might ask..."did I miss it"? No, not a bit. Six Whole days without TV and I didn't miss one bit of it.
So for me...I would end the TV thing...
Its still going because hubby needs to watch his new everynight while having dinner, and the ball games when they are on.
Hey Jilly, Yeah I have had that happened to me lol, last year I thought I was going on my computer too much, and was thinking I need to stop going on it and then next day my computer crashed and I couldn't get it to go back on no matter how hard I tried. So I just left it for a few weeks, then eventually the only way I could get it back on was to re install windows again and start clean. So yeah I got what I wanted! lol.
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL you have said is what happens to me!!!!!! I thought I was the only one!!! :)

I have deactivated facebook like three times! And I'm back again because people can contact me there, my friends in other countries, colleagues that maybe need me for some work or to know new nice people, it has become something similar that to have a cellphone.
Yesterday I thought again to deactivate it but I have to accept it exist and has some benefits.

I have try to put it "right" too but still there's something that bothers me. I can assure you that I find better spiritual and mental peace when I'm out of it. But also, I am missing some communication with others.

Facebook is designed to other people can see every little thing you do, in my family we call it: Chismebook in Spanish, that is something like: Gossipbook

I did deleted almost 200 people that I don't want to know about me! And I didn't care, maybe they didn't notice that, and if they do, I could say: I'm sorry I just have my close friends and family...or I have people that at least sometimes do talk to me!

One thing that I do is to add positive people, from CCOR or that I just meet there, to fill that facebook of positive people and positive thoughts! :)
Now I don't write too much in my status and don't add too much photos...I don't know if that is good or bad lol

I don't die to look another's profile but I know most of the people do it.

I think one of the things I don't like about fb is that some ppl wants to get attention from others writing sad faces, incomplete sentences or write in their status every little tiny thing they do: " Angélica is....Looking at her right side" lol

Problem is facebook...and the way people use it. What you have in your facebook is for others to look at it, so maybe we just cannot be so free there.

I also feel awesome here! ;)
Win that battle! lol
What you just wrote Angelica is basically ...ME! lol. I know it's crazy in it. If you really think about it, it's not even a psychical thing! lol.

But I am having the urge to permanently delete it again. Specially if something silly causes me to feel negative emotions like this, over really nothing.

As Jilly said, when I came off facebook before, I was thinking to my self, if I am meant to be speaking with certain people, law of attraction will bring them people into my life. I have my friends & family that I have in this present moment that I actual speak with on the phone and meet up with in real life, for a reason.

I have really started seeing Law of attraction managing things for me in my life, so maybe I should put more trust in the Universal laws. Because I want people around that is for my highest good.
Wow TeeJay, Somethng you said caught my eye.
You said: "Law of Attraction managing things".

Law of Attraction can be used to MANAGE our lives. A MANAGING TOOL of sorts. EXCELLENT !
My husband owns his own business, and I just heard him talking on the telephone to one of his customers. When talking to the customer about the job, I heard him consciously balance the scales between he and the customer. It was interesting to hear, as I didnt know what he was doing at the time. Afterward when I ask my husband about the call He said "he was negotiating fairness".
I just learned something this morning about the Law. Thank you Source/GOD/Universe...J
Hi Teejay! This discussion has become long and interesting!
What I could say, point things you don't like and hide it and delete people you don't want to have there, people that make you feel negative. I did it and today it is better, I have still facebook but I don't give it too much importance. I spend more time here than there...and I love it :)
I've been thinking about this for a little while too and the first thing that comes to mind is what Abraham says that we shouldn't try to erase from our lives or avoid the people that make us feel not so good because we will encounter the same kind of people wherever we go. It is up to us to work around it, we have the control to feel good in spite of that. So, I think that if you are aligned then you will attract the people that are in your same vibration to your Facebook page and the people that are not on your same vibration will simple not be interested in looking at your page.

That is what I told myself and I decided to keep my Facebook page. I don't worry about it anymore : )
So is what your saying is this:
Until you are aligned...stay away from FaceBook as you might attract undesirables?
Until you are aligned...stay away from people as you might attract undesirables?
If Abraham says we shouldn't try to erase them from our lives, should we stay out of alignment then to keep them in our lives?
I am unclear what you are trying to say here...J

You cannot stay away from the undesirable. Your job is to work around it while it is happening by finding thoughts that can bring some relief, and then another, and then another until you are aligned. For example: If someone makes an undesirable comment to you, your job is to find a thought that can bring relief to it: She says: I don't like how your hair looks today. You think: I put a lot of effort on fixing my hair this morning and I like it. Her perception of what looks good on me is only HER perception, not mine. How she sees me has no influence on the way I SEE MYSELF. I like how I look. I will continue to fix my hair the way I like it. She will probably forget about my hair very soon since she will put her focus back on her and her words will not have any value anyhow. She has the right to her own opinion just like I have the right to mine. She doesn't have to look at me if she doesn't like how my hair looks. It is her choice, not mine. I am happy with the way I look."

The more positive thoughts you think, the more you attract. Once you are aligned you will only attract people that are on your same vibration, the others will not notice you.
Nadjah, I was playing devils advicate here. I was trying to get you to look at what you wrote.
Notice I posed my reply as questions that are in conflict.
Regarding your example: If someone says something to me regardless of weather it is positive or negative, it is up to me to be conscious of my reaction.

Eckart Tolle said it best:
Nonreaction to the ego in others is one of the most effective ways not
only of going beyond ego in yourself but also of dissolving the collective
human ego. But you can only be in a state of nonreaction if you can
recognize someone's behavior as coming from the ego, as being an
expression of the collective human dysfunction. When you realize it's not
personal, there is no longer a compulsion to react as if it were. By not
reacting to the ego, you will often be able to bring out the sanity in others,
which is the unconditioned consciousness as opposed to the conditioned. At
times you may have to take practical steps to protect yourself from deeply
unconscious people.
This you can do without making them into enemies.
Your greatest protection, however, is being conscious. Somebody becomes
an enemy if you personalize the unconsciousness that is the ego. Non reaction
is not weakness but strength. Another word for nonreaction is
forgiveness. To forgive is to overlook, or rather to look through. You look
through the ego to the sanity that is in every human being as his or her

Respectfully, Jilly

P.S. Explain you last statement...I'm Playing Devils advacate again.
What if someone else wants to attract me into their life, but I don't want to attract them into mine. Then what?
I have no negative feelings toward FB. Sometimes I feel I spend a little too much time playing Farmville, but there are so many positive things I get out of it too, mainly postings from favorite New Age/Astrology people. So, like everything else, it's our frame of mind that determines what is positive or negative.
I used to spend A LOT of time on facebook, especially at first. but as I decided to spend more time following my passion - which keeps me very busy - I am on it much much less. now I might check it for a few minutes once every couple of months. it just doesn't have the same appeal. It's like, eh.. whatever. I much prefer it here because ppl are ont he same wavelength :)


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