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Hey guys, here is weird one, that I can't seem to put my finger on. I came off Face book for about 3 months, I permanently deleted my Face book profile. Now as of the other day I have sign back up on it and have uploads a few pictures have some family and friends that I know, and some people that I used to go school far.

Now I am having a problem, I feel a negative feeling towards Face book, it's like I cant put my finger on why, but it's like I need to sort it out in my mind. Earlier I had the urge to wipe it off again completely! That feeling of getting rid of something completely, so it ain't in my life is what appealed to me deleting it in the first place. And I am not being funny I have been so much more happy and in alignment since I did. But now I have joined it again and it is bringing a lot of negative emotion for some reason.

It's like I keep changing it around, to try and make it just right. Like limit what people can see. Because there is apart of me that, feels like people are appearing into my life, when I would rather just do my own thing, with out people knowing what I am doing.

I have tried to do a positive aspect to change my mind so far I have got

I can keep in touch with friends.
I can keep in touch with my family.
It's a door so people can get in contact with me.
It's a door for opportunity's, networking, coming across information/things that will benefit me.
I have met various women though facebook, that would not have happened if I was not on facebook.

I can't seem to think of anything else.

The main reason I went back on it, so I get in contact with a few people that I didn't have there mobile number and sometimes it's easier to just send a message just to say hello then to ring them on the phone for no reason at all.

I thought I was inspired to join face book, because I had a really strong urge to do so. But now I seem to have this weird feeling, every time I go on there, I finding it hard to shift it. It's like I want it just the right way, so then I can become calm, settled.

I have been picking a choosing who to add and who I accept to add me. I have accepted some people, that I now regret. I feel that they are people that I have never spoke to or really ever will. The feeling of people looking at my profile, is like them looking at me and every move that I do. And there is a part of me that would rather just do my own thing, and live my own life, and have the people around me that are for my highest good! Yeah maybe it feels like people are in my life, through being on there, that would of not other wise came into my life with that which matched my vibration??

any thoughts guys! I feel awesome coming on here! I have no negative feeling what so ever, and I write personal blogs and everything! lol.

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I'm with you Andy regarding FaceBook......
I find it so negative and I'm not sure why.... I mostly used to use it to keep in touch with my sons who are in another country. I'm building houses and was posting photos so they could keep up with the progress. But I found getting on all the time and feeling inundated with peoples activities and streams of conciousness a bit sad maybe..... and it made me feel down in some way ..... a bit like watching the evening news which I used to be addicted to and never watch anymore either...... so now I kind of dread getting onto it.... but then I start to feel guilty that I'm not being 'social'....... I'm trying hard to keep my vibration high - listening to loads of Wayne Dyer and Abraham and trusting that if I need to give my attention to something happening in the world it will be presented to me in some way. I think I'll be deactivating my account at some point too.....
I agree with you, Irene. And I'd like to add that there is as much positivity and negativity around us as we choose to focus on. I can notice negativity and choose not to participate in it. I don't feel I need to "protect myself" from it as I am strong enough within myself for it to not affect my vibration, and indeed, nothing can alter your vibration, You can, however, allow outside things to do so. Ultimately and as always,your vibration depends on YOU, not on anything outside of yourself. When you understand this, you begin to own your own power.

Let me share with you some postings from just this morning:

By my own will and with my own power and with my own Divinity, I send out healing of mind, body and spirit to all who are suffering. May all those beings in pain walk in peace. I send you all my love.

Every time you smile at someone... it is an action of love, a gift to that person, and a beautiful thing. ~Mother Teresa

False Gods: anything we give our power to that is not a piece of the Ulitmate Source. Fear, financial insecurity, lust, power struggles, the ideal weight; these can all be false Gods if we give them the power to drain our life force. Yes, we want to feel good about our weight, feed ourselves & our family. When these become driving forces we have entered the world of False Gods & disempowered ourselves along the way

Intuition, I’m convinced, is where the 'other 90 percent' of our brain power lies. It is through intuition that we get the Big Picture, the simultaneous understanding that puts us and all the facts in our proper relationship to something beyond us.

I am in tune with God when I act in harmony with God’s image within me.

To be in tune with eternal truth we must possess poise and harmony within. In order to receive intelligence the receiver must be in tune with the transmitter. —Charles Haanel

So, you see, there is A LOT of positive and good on FB, if you have the inclination to use it that way.
Thanks for the AWESOME reply's! :) :) :)

Can someone explain the difference between getting a negative feeling because your attention is on something you do not want. Compared to getting a negative feeling because your not on the right path for your highest good.
I believe is the same thing. A negative feeling is a negative feeling, and when you feel a negative feeling it is not the end of the world. Your job is to try to turn that feeling around little by little until you feel some relief and can attract more better feelings until you feel good again. Remember, you are where you are and it is ok, find better feelings thoughts and you are back on track. That is what I do, I don't duel on it too much, as soon as I notice a negative feeling creeping in I try to nip it in the bud before it gets too hard to handle.
I haven't read all of the responses, but I can share my involvement with facebook. I was involved with a website and people started to want to befriend me. I didn't know a lot of these people, but I did add them. Now that I'm no longer a part of that website, I will probably go and delete some of them. Most of them, I have hidden because I don't really care about what is going on in their lives.

I have had family members want to add me, but I just ignore them. In fact, if I don't know someone, I ignore them. I go on facebook and see what friends are up to. I am careful about what I add because I don't want everyone knowing everything about me. I've made much of what I add private so that friends of friends can't see what I add.

There are times when I don't go on it for days. There are times when I'm there every day. There are times when people IM me and I ignore them. There are other times when I don't.

My point is that I do what feels good to me and I don't worry too much about what others think as far as me befriending people or not. But, I am careful because it is very public.

Maybe you've answered this, but why are you thinking about it so much? If it doesn't feel good, you can ignore it. You don't have to deactivate it. You can simply not go on. When you are ready to go back on, you can. If someone really wants to get ahold of you, they will.

Good luck with this.
How does one go about making a decisions then, when someone can guide there thoughts to things that feel good about something. Instead of feeling the negative emotion and really realizing they shouldn't take on action over another or make one decision over another.

You take action on things your inspired to do, but you take take action things your not inspired to do. So how do you disquisition between feeling negative emotion and just guiding your thought about that particular subject, compared to feeling the negative emotion and changing your decision your action.

I have permanently deleted my account the other day, and I feel back to my normal self. Since I deleted my account last time, which I had been of it for about 4-5 months, I have been really in alignment and I have seen awesome manifestations since! Then I joined again the other day (for a reason I don't know why now) And I had a really, really strong negative emotion about it, one that would not go away, I mean my mind was working over time, with me wanting to sort it out some way.

I have made a big thing about this because I have never had a strong negative feeling over something like facebook which is just a web page. So because I like to understand my self and my ways and thoughts, I was wondering why I have this such strong negative emotion. I tried meditating, writing positive aspects about facebook, and guiding my thoughts to feeling good, even ignoring it. but I had this very strong feeling about it, for some strange reason, that I can't seem to understand still.

So anyway, my point is, I remember reading that if you cancel something out it will come back into your life in another way. BUT how is this so when I canceled it 5 months ago, and have been in alignment more then I ever have and have seen some amazing manifestations? Surly in this case me canceling and ignoring the problem by me deleting my account that I felt a strong negative feeling towards, was good for me instead of the problem coming up in other areas of my life?

That why I wanted to know whats the difference :)

teejay! I think you are thinking too much :) in response to your question 2nd paragraph, if the negative thought about smthg is almost constant and keeps getting bigger, get rid of it. it's not for you. your your negative emotion is telling you that. but if it's smthg passing, like ick weather or noisy neighbors, focus elsewhere to keep your v up. I know what you are saying here about situations coming back into your life, but you got it, it's just a web page. it's not like it's smthg you are having to deal with everyday.. you have a choice here. what's the reason it's making you uncomfortable? because ppl on fb are nosy? because you don't want to open yourself up there? maybe you have just outgrown it and the ppl there, which is a great thing. you're not afraid to open up and be yourself here, that's because we are like minds. it's not like web pages are going to be hunting you down trying to insert themselves into your life!! you've moved on, that's it. let the things that were the old part of you go. you will be more yourself! we here are not really like most ppl on facebook. aren't you glad for that!? cheers!
Yeah, seriously. You're thinking too much. I don't think that having an account in FB hinders or helps manifesting, but I do believe that it does when you think it does. Do you understand what I am saying? FB is neutral. It is a social networking site. It's negative, if you think it's negative. It's positive, if you think it's positive. The constant factor being YOUR THOUGHTS.

Any negativity actually exists inside the person noticing it. Negative things cannot exist unless and until we judge (think) them so.
Maybe I am thinking too much, but me thinking too much helps me understand things. The understanding of this can be used for many things, lol not just Facebook.

There is some quality stuff here! Awesome. I appreciate the reply's here, thank you. :) :) :)
there are so many incredible pages though teejay - i have such inspiring and uplifting pages added and my page is filled with positive quotes, louise hay is on there, LOA pages, all kinds of insightful applications, lots of love and light being spread via facebook...i say try again and seek those you want to attract. i'll look for you on there and wave sometime, :)
I agree Karen! Here is the proof:

Positive Posts today:

Catalyst Yogi: bringing the cave to you Jesus Christ told you to follow GOD and you started following Jesus Christ. Buddha told you to follow GOD you started following Buddha. If I tell you today follow GOD , you’ll start following me. Can you not follow your own Self ? – Yogi Bhajan

eleven:eleven Coaching Often people that they want change in their life, when in fact it’s actually transformation that they seek. Change is based in the past; it’s a comparison between what is desired and what has been known/believed thus far, and as such is limited. Transformation on the other hand is a fully new creation, an expression o...f limitless possibility that has no boundaries. Change is transactional, transformation is expansive. These are not semantic differences- not at all! Everything that stems from change has at its root a basis in the undesired state. From a change mindset you can achieve something bigger, better, faster or more fun than the previous state, certainly. But transformation steps entirely beyond those limitations.

For example:

a change-based mindset is "I want a more loving relationship; one where I feel as loved as I am loving" whereas a transformational mindset is "I am an expression of love so infinite that I can't help but feel that love radiating back to me."... See More

The key is to observe your thoughts as you construct your creative expressions. Are they comparative, or are they statements of limitless potential?

DailyOM Try to learn something new this week. This keeps our energy active which affects not only us, but those around us too.

Purple Vintage Space Princess Monday's Purploptimism: EXPECT THE BEST! Why do we expect the worst when we can expect the best outcomes of a situation? You are in control!

Steve Maraboli “What is not started today is never finished tomorrow. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Live With The Lights On Notice the difference between controlling chaos & surrendering. When we control we may feel temporary relief but we are still plugged into chaotic energy that will create unmanageability. When we surrender we speak through action that we are not in charge. We may feel relieved as we give the Universe space to clear away what doesn't serve us. Today,"I surrender; anything that I try to control ends up controlling me."

There is no way I would ever give up getting all this every day!!!!
Teejay, I've been thinking about this and it is all about our perception on the subject. If it makes you feel bad then don't do it. Life is supposed to be fun. Don't think too much about it. I stopped watching the news because it is only about bad news and I didn't like how it makes me feel, I think it is the same thing as how Facebook makes you feel. :)



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