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Hey guys, here is weird one, that I can't seem to put my finger on. I came off Face book for about 3 months, I permanently deleted my Face book profile. Now as of the other day I have sign back up on it and have uploads a few pictures have some family and friends that I know, and some people that I used to go school far.

Now I am having a problem, I feel a negative feeling towards Face book, it's like I cant put my finger on why, but it's like I need to sort it out in my mind. Earlier I had the urge to wipe it off again completely! That feeling of getting rid of something completely, so it ain't in my life is what appealed to me deleting it in the first place. And I am not being funny I have been so much more happy and in alignment since I did. But now I have joined it again and it is bringing a lot of negative emotion for some reason.

It's like I keep changing it around, to try and make it just right. Like limit what people can see. Because there is apart of me that, feels like people are appearing into my life, when I would rather just do my own thing, with out people knowing what I am doing.

I have tried to do a positive aspect to change my mind so far I have got

I can keep in touch with friends.
I can keep in touch with my family.
It's a door so people can get in contact with me.
It's a door for opportunity's, networking, coming across information/things that will benefit me.
I have met various women though facebook, that would not have happened if I was not on facebook.

I can't seem to think of anything else.

The main reason I went back on it, so I get in contact with a few people that I didn't have there mobile number and sometimes it's easier to just send a message just to say hello then to ring them on the phone for no reason at all.

I thought I was inspired to join face book, because I had a really strong urge to do so. But now I seem to have this weird feeling, every time I go on there, I finding it hard to shift it. It's like I want it just the right way, so then I can become calm, settled.

I have been picking a choosing who to add and who I accept to add me. I have accepted some people, that I now regret. I feel that they are people that I have never spoke to or really ever will. The feeling of people looking at my profile, is like them looking at me and every move that I do. And there is a part of me that would rather just do my own thing, and live my own life, and have the people around me that are for my highest good! Yeah maybe it feels like people are in my life, through being on there, that would of not other wise came into my life with that which matched my vibration??

any thoughts guys! I feel awesome coming on here! I have no negative feeling what so ever, and I write personal blogs and everything! lol.

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Hello TeeJay:

I have had that same feeling and of course I tried to reason out why I felt that way.

I'll be brief here:

I would advise you to honor that feeling even if you cannot pinpoint why keeps springing up.

Something in your energy field is disturbed by Face Book though your conscious awareness can't understand why.

Perhaps there are other options to staying in touch with your friends.
Collecting their contact information and keeping it in a file or folder
Adding their contact information to your online e-mail address book etc.
There are plenty of options that you might pursue that give you the benefits of being connected without
tethering you to a FaceBook page.

Just give it some thought.

Whenever I don't know the answer to a question I just ask..inwardly or outwardly. You could write little note to the Universe or God or your Higher Power and just spell out the situation and ask for an answer. Set it aside and wait for the answer which WILL arrive. In the meanwhile, just rest assured that all is well.

I hope reading my 2 cents worth has given you either some comfort or insight.

Wishing you the best!!! */___/*
OK, just disregard everything I said before. It is all bull crap, lol! It is weird but lately, the more I go to Facebook the more I feel like you described! I started thinking that maybe it means that we are outgrowing our ego a little bit at a time and we don't have the need to feed it or to read about people feeding theirs, lol. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I totally get how you feel toward it now because I am beginning to feel the same way, and so...I haven't been on it nearly as much as I used to and I also feel awesome coming on here too! : ) I guess it is ok to just not go where it doesn't feel good because like Abraham says "If it feels off, it's off."

Have a wonderful day!! : )
Teejay.. There are some interesting comments here. I think I would have to agree that it is positive or negative depending on how you perceive it.
But I am like you. I am extremely private and I do not like to "let" just anybody in. I only have perhaps 27 friends on FB. And although I dont personally find any merits of FB, I just have it I guess just like that. But I check it once in a blue moon. If you log on every day that is certainly a waste of time. I do not need it. By the way I dont own a TV either. I dont need it. I like the freedom to control the minutes in my day and the days of my life. And just because every body else is doing it, I dont have to do it. Just because some one jumped out of a window of a 100 storey roof top, will you?

Abraham says go with the stream. But it has a different meaning. But when it comes to other things in life, its better to go against it. There is plenty of room at the top. The "crowd" never reaches that top. That's my humble opinion.
Sorry to hear that you feel this way! If it continues to bring you down perhaps you should stay away from it, many people don't use facebook. But if you enjoy having the contact with friends and family that way then try to limit your friends and your involvment, also try to use facebook as a podeum for positivity, sharing the positives in your life, and encouraging only positivity in others. Share your light!
wow guys what an amazing discussion to read, a lotta wisdom in these pages, thank you :)

In some way I agree with all of your points -
I resisted joining the FB movement (I called it crackbook) then joined, got addicted, over did my logons each day, then completely ceased all activity on it.

I now only check it maybe once a week max, I have lost interest in adding comments, like-ing etc.- unless I felt strong enthusiasm to do so. The amount of (what I feet is) junk written, also puts me off.

I wouldnt' mind deleting it, I think I'd slightly regret loosing the occasional contact but I also believe that to attract new people into my life I need to clean out my old collection. Hmmm,, , but perhap this is a negative thought. Ah yes... the old over-thinking game.

Great points have been made about choosing how something makes you feel. I still sometimes feel yuck about FB in my stomach - then I realise it is my own insecurities speaking, and I have projected them on to FB.

I feel that in order for me to be practising my true authentic self I should not be concerned with trying to edit or tweak my image, limit my personality, pasisons and dreams.

Lee Ann I love your comment about gradually coming out of your spiritual closet via FB. I think I will try this....and then I think "I can't be bothered with FB, I don't want it taking up my energy. I'd way rather log on to CCOR. Haha.

Great discussion starter Tyler, thanks
Add-on thought:

I want to be open, authentic, honest. I want to share. I think I wil keep my FB and feel free to share my journey, If I feel that way inclined.

Thx for the clarification Co-creators :)
ive had the same problem, i feel like i cant be my true self or honest on there. its not for personal things, just vague things.. and i really dont like that. thats not me, i honestly deleted my account a couple times but keep coming back for the contacts.. but quite honestly, if they know my name they'll be able to find me. maybe i should delete it for good..

than again this is probably just how im viewing the situation, but its just so stale to me and i cant find the benefit. id rather have a meaningful conversation than post a status update or couple comments, its just, fragmented to me. and i feel like since im in a period of extreme change, its causing me to be extremely self concious, when really i should release it and allow myself to cocoon.
Hi I have felt the same way as you! It's so addicting there!! It must be the same as crack. I do enjoy most of the interaction with the CCOR people, my family here and fam in America.. Also the metaphysical pages and authors i subscribe to. Some have been very phenomenally transformational. I am more easy on the deleting button and once in a while I do massive clean up. I absolutely have no guilt when I delete somebody. If I read something I make sure to leave feedback to acknowledge my friends. I have deleted all social media except FB so I can keep track of the peeps i love. Sometimes i do need my breaks.. If i'm complaining and not happy about it it's not them it's me and I am not in the vortex and need to get my ass in gear. Just use your privacy settings very well. Like you can make groups.. I have CCOR group, blood family, husband family. for the LOA stuff I just choose ccor family. I know FB is annoying with privacy settings. People can see sometimes where in the heck you post so one can't get personal there. Just use your privacy settings well. This FB can be very fun!! I love my subscriptions.


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