The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hi, I'm new here, and that may be why I don't know the answer to this question.  But maybe I can get an answer:


What are these "seasons" I keep seeing referred to here?  ;-)


Thanks for the answer!


(BTW, isn't working, so I can't download the mp3 or the workbook.  Thanks!)

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Every season is 100days of challenge. If someone is on Season 3, that means he/she has finished two 100-day challenge.


Welcome to the CCOR!

Welcome to CCOR. Yep, eggzactly what Sharon said :)

Thanks for the responses!  I actually was able to get to the website (I guess it was just down temporarily) and sign up for the newsletters and download the mp3.  :-)


Now I just need to start the first challenge!  :-)

Just go for it!

Love & Power.


Hi Eric, Several of us are starting our next 100 days on 11-11-11. I welcome you to join in the group if you like. You can read more HERE about who is starting on that date.

Welcome to co-creators, Jilly

Hi Eric, I posted a video on my blog about how the 100 day challenge works. You can view the video HERE.


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