The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hello, my name is Christine and this is Day 2 for me.  I have chosen the gratitude journal and setting intentions to help me, but I would like to know what other people have chosen and how effective it was for them.


Smiles, Christine

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The techniques don't really matter that much, it is what a technique does to your vibrational frequency that matters. A technique should lift your spirit, that's what it's all about. My greatest manifestation so far was a new car ( which I manifested mainly through admiring this type of car every time I saw it on the road. I really, really, really loved that car and it lifted my spirit every time I saw it (and it still does) :-)
Hi Christine, welcome!! :)
I visualize, visualize, visualize, that's the best for me!! also I made a beautiful vision board and I look at it everytime I can and I often meditate in front of it to get in sync with my desires, this is a pic of it.... Best of luck!!

welcome to the community. it is good to have you here and seeing how you are already asking questions to the community. well done! you are inspiring!
Hello Christine. My name is Jill and I will be starting the CCOR 100 days on August 1st. I have done a similar practice on my own after an extended period of grief and found that it has made a very positive change in my life!! A vision board was very important to me. I plan to start working on one for CCOR today. Also, journaling was very helpful for me in my own work. Meditating is a very good way to keep yourself focused on the work. I recently purchased a healing drum and find myself completely wrapped up in the sounds of the drum when I am playing it. Very helpful!!
I hope this might help you in your journey!
Welcome Christine,
I like video blogging... I had a hard time writing, it seems easier to just record something....
It's helping my self-confidence as well.... I think doing something everyday is important... but more important is keeping promises to myself and following through... this helps me trust myself....

I am not expecting other people to watch my videos.... I am doing it to keep a promise to myself... It's amazing how much life gets in the way if you let it to prevent you from doing what you set out to do....

I think interacting with others is also a good thing...
Writing you, helped me remember, I had promised myself to swim everyday.... even if it's one lap.... my mind just knows it went swimming.... when I miss doing it, it's a red flag to myself... if I'm not honouring that promise to myself.. what else am I putting off?

What works for me is doing something fun, I can do a video blog... I am not ready to do a journal.. interesting, hmmmm? I wonder why?

Have fun....
Be my friend and lets co-create. Check out my page you will find video's there and I will be adding many more!! Today I posted a video there about segment intending, I hope it helps. Message me if you have any other questions!!!
Love peace and co-creating!!!

Visualize Visualize Visualize and with the steps you are already taking you will get great results. Using your negative emotions to expose the desires of you heart, will keep you on track!!
Love peace and co-creating!
Hi, Christine. I've only been doing the challenge for a couple weeks, but from doing law of attraction practices in the past I've always found vision boards (I call them "treasure maps" per Shakti Gawain), visualization, and affirmations to be most effective for me. Good luck!

This is day 24, season1 for me..I started out with a daily small meditation on my intentions/goals, focusing on what i want during the day, and ending up my day with being grateful for all good things that happened during the day...Then I kept on adding few other things...Like watching one low of attraction video daily to keep me motivated...later on I created my personel vision board which seems to be very effective to me as i am a visual learner...And then I go back everyday to add something up....These things work very well for me..I am sure you will find your own niche..
I also try to blog post daily too, that actually clears my mind, makes my intentions clearer and my gratitudes clearer on daily basis.
I have been working on this since Aug 1st. Haven't posted much as have been very busy. But, my life is changing alot. Made the decision to stop drinking alcohol and reduce the number of pain meds in my life. Now do meditation when the pain gets too bad. Also disconnected from some people that were leading me away from a positive path. Decided after much soul searching that I would be happier living in town and started building a new home. I used to feel so totally unable to care for myself when my husband was alive. When he passed, I truly did not know how I would continue on myself. As it was, I was able to finish his estate (which was very complicated!), build a new home then, take care of four businesses, and care for my dying mother. It's amazing what we can accomplish when pushed to the wall. I am feeling more confidence in myself and know I can care for my life now. Also, have found a very nice man to date. He is a bit younger but we have a lot in common and get along really great. So, all of this has happened in my first 31 days! Can't wait to see what the rest holds for me!!
Welcome to the community Christine!.
Hi, my name is Christina I practice lots of things, my main practice is meditation, which I find wonderful and useful.

Love n light Christina


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