The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Hi guys 

I am new to 100 day challenge. I welcome any tips useful for me to power trough 100 days getting the most of it. If there is any practise you have used and was very helpful please share.

All the best for all of you/

Ania :-)

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I constantly watch LOA film and read few books and when I get down I read the inspirational stories from people on this site and it gets me feeling good again

Hello Sheila 

Thank you very much for responding to my post, it is nice to be heared and connect :-) What is LOA film which one is it ? Is it Law of Attraction can you tell me more about it, is it done by people who took part in creating book called secret ?

I love also hearing, reading and watching inspirational movies.

I wish you beautiful day and thank you for connecting with me lovely :-)

Hi Ania,

A red flag for me was "power through".

My advise is to take your time and really pay attention to everything around you in the next 100 days. I mean really pay attention...the Universe will align you with opportunity, and you don't want to miss the greatness that will lead to more greatness. Also be the love you would like to see in others. The love you are attracts more of the same.

Many Blessings to you on your Journey,


Thank you Jill indeed many things happend since I have started 100 day journey. Lots of changes which are challenging but will be very good for me at the same time I know it.

I want to share with you something what Oprah said and I love it and you said also:

"What you focus on expands and when you focus on the goodness in your life, you create more of it. Opportunities, relationships, even money flowed may when I learned to be grateful no matter what happend in my life" 

Thank you for your advice and connecting with me I appreciate it :-)

Lots of love to you

Thank you Jason, for bringing me back :-) It is my second season now but haven't been very active on CCOR, I want to get back to it as flow of things was much smoother when I put my awareness on positive and inspiring things. What tools do you use with LOA, I have am using vision board and affirmation. What help you the most to stay on your path? I would love to know more. 

Thank you in advance for getting back to me Ania 

Hi Jason 

I had really good first season lots of my things from intention list took place in my life which was incredible. Material things like car, computer things for home materialised in my life.

During the beginning of this 2 season I had surgery and I am hoping for all clear in next few weeks.

What I find though and I need to find way around is that when my life staring be in the flow and everything is coming together and I feel like I am having more energy I feel like I want to do more.

This time I took yoga and was awesome for first month I had so much energy felt strong and happy and then I had accident it is almost as I am reaching some point and and then lying flat on my face.

Somehow I sabotage myself did you ever had this happened and how did you deal with that ?


Hi Jason it was good season for sure. Happy to connect with you :-)

I didn't have accident I had surgery to remove endometrial polyp.

Flow is when I feel happy without needing any reason just because when one thing leads to me to the other without me over analysing it, it just feel good and safe and I am happy I connect with people easy then and speak from one to the other not about superficial crap. I love being in flow.

I get in flow when I am with nature, ocean does it for me and when I have me time to nurture myself. 

I get in flow by being grateful, being grateful is easy around nature, animals. 

Mastering being grateful for situation which from my perspective are not beneficial I am yet to master.

Hope you travelling well my friend:-)

Nice to meet you, too, I am new also.

Hi Luther :-)

It is my 3 season it is an old post nice to meet you too, enjoy your first season I got such a kick from my first season, I hope you will get motivated, inspired and activated:-) 

Something which has always worked for me is I keep saying myself "I believe it is happening "

Also something which directs your energy in a positive way like reading stories or reading some books

Hi Neha thank you I like that or I like also Thank you for this or something even better :-) Also like you I like to motivate myself by reading and watching inspiration thing.

Lots of love and light to you :-)


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