The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Newbie-Finding your path, Healing, Reiki, all Co-creators(London based too :) )

Hello everyone!

I am quite new to this game :)

I wonder how many people here are on their way to find their purpose/calling/ way in life...?Or who found it already ans wants to share

I don't know how about you but I like to spend some time researching different spiritual points of view, teachings, theories, and running it through my "filter".

I love animals and I see them as our companions and teachers. My goal is to become Reiki healer therefore I took Reiki I course just recently. I would love  to hear from various Animal Lovers/Healers/Communicators.(but not only those) about their path experiences, influences, inspirations...

My every day life is quite busy, working in central London. In my spare time I'm trying to catch a breath, get more into my zone, and find out the way to balance those two lives :)

Looking forward to hear from anyone interested!



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Hi Karo,

I read some stuff about energy work by Eric Pearl...still not sure if he is for real or not, don't know if you have come across him at all? You can see clips of his 'work' on Youtube. I bought both his books and enjoyed reading them but can't say I have managed to really feel the energy like he does. 

I had an experience with an 'energy guy' called Abdy and that was definitely FOR REAL. He doesn't have any books and didn't really explain how he got in touch with this energy but my whole body felt a new energy from head to toe - quite extraordinary.

What is your favourite spirituality read?

Bye for now, Jack (Jacqueline :) )

Hi Jack,

thanks for this, I will look it up. 

My experience with energy healing is mostly through Reiki, hence I have done Reiki I course. I must say that there are as many approaches to the subject as practitioners, that's my opinion. I know what you mean when you say you didn't really feel if someone is for real. 

I try not to treat teachers as gurus because I think everyone will have their own perspective and no one is an absolute in this subject.

I read more about animal energy healers than only people healers, the ones I was inspired by are Amelia Kinkade, Penelope Smith, Sonia Fitzpatrick, Margrit Coates...and still looking for more :)




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