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Of course I have my head in reading material again. I have been reading about our UNCONSCIOUS. Can it be true that what ever we are thinking in the UNCONSCIOUS we can be drawing to ourselves. This brought me to thinking about all that I have read about the UNCONSCIOUS. We bury deep inside ourselves what we dislike most about ourselves. So what we dislike most about ourselves is what is going to meet us head on at one time or another like a magnet.
Lets take personality trates for example. What we hate or find disgusting about ourselves deep down in our UNCONSCIOUS, we will bring more to ourselves. Conclusion, we will see these trates in others around us. Is this how we draw people to us that we cant stand? They are portraying in themselves what we have buried in our UNCONSCIOUS SELF?
OH MY GOSH...JILLY has just had an ah-ha moment.
Your thoughts please?

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Hey Jilly,
The unconscious self is not all bad, its what helps us breath automaticaly and its built from experiences/beliefs from our pasts that are now ingrained in us.
Our brain is a map, its wired a certain way, some things we cant reprogramme, but the good news is that somethings we can. We can retrain or rewire our brain.
We unconsciously react to different people or situations in a certain way. However, when we become more aware/conscious of this reaction and the reasons for it we can then choose to re-act a different way.
Self - Consciousness for me means that I am more conscious in my-self.
When my eyes were opened to this it was one of my ah-ha moments. Gotta luv those moments!!
Hi Aeroney, I didnt say that the Unconscious is all bad. However I was indeed talking about the things we dont like about ourselves that we keep in our sub conscious causing ourselves to be unconscious about decisions to act a certain way. To be clear the Unconscious does not help us breath. We can be Unconscious and breath or not breath. We are a mechanism controled by the brain, and when our brain doesnt supply what the body needs for the heart to keep won't. This has nothing to do with what the sub-conscious mind keeps conscious or unconscious.
But however you have grasped my drift when you talk about "experiences/beliefs". The point here I was making is that in our Unconscious we have taken these beliefs and tucked them away and lived by their rules our entire lives. There is nowhere in the RULE book that says we need to live by these RULES. These RULES were passed down thru our family and friends and this is how we were taught or brought up. The same would apply to how we react to others. Our belief system (example here) told us that people with tatoos were ugly aweful people. NOT !...That is a belief that some people are in tune with on an unconcious level that they tucked away for when they come in contact with someone with a Tatoo that causes them to immediatly start the judging process. It is not until we meet people with tatoos and get to know them that we realize that the rule is not correct for us. So when you say that we react and realize the reason for it, you mean that the RULE was something we were suppressing and we are now aware that the RULE was not correct for us to live our life by.
Thanks for the reply Aeroney and I hope I made myself more clear of the meaning. Hugs Jilly
Oh and by the way...I disagree with "cant reprogram". I believe we can re-program.
Hi Jilly
Thanks for clearing that up. I think my own brain might be a little cross wired today, thats what I get for trying to post deep and meaningfuls at 5.30am with now sleep, hump, i think I should just take myself into unconciousness before I realy put my foot in my mouth or up my own behind lol.

OMG i left another post on another discussion, if that one is a little screwed up, I have soooo learnt my lesson, stop posting on discussions when you havent been to bed.

With that I bid you a fantastic day in your part of the world, and apologies in advance for any ramblings you may come across from me in the last couple of hours.

Thanks Jilly, luv your honesty and upfrontness, is that a word? ok, time to go,
nite nite
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Trish, Thank you for uping this discussion. The law brought Crystal here with an excellent reply to it. Take a look when you have a moment. Hugs J
Jung believed that the Unconscious was the gateway to the universal consciousness, where all the cultural archetypes and beliefs were kept. His take is fascinating to read (a bright spot in an otherwise disappointing psychology degree).

There's a truism that says that when you turn your back to something, you relinquish any chance of dominating it. Refuse to face your fears and they control you without your realising it - you find yourself avoiding things without even thinking about why. It all ties in to what you were saying about the unconscious. Yes, I agree with you about the things you dislike, too. I've always found that the things I find most annoying in others are things I least want to look at in myself (so it's a great pointer to help me find them and deal with them). I believe that's also part of the concept of 'evil' - demonising something is exactly the same thing, but using religion to justify it.

In all things there must be, in the end, balance. (OK, well, maybe in all things except my tax return ;-) How can we know light without having experienced darkness? Life is about adventure and exploration of the hidden or unknown, and the greatest adventure is the path to discovering your true, deepest self. Right?
VERY GOOOOOOOOOD! Love this reply Crystal. This was just what I needed to start my day. I love giving this stuff some thought. I forgot that I even wrote this discussion until now. Thank you for Trish for uping it in her annoyance of the Pharmacy ads that keep getting posted on the forum.
Footnote: Funny how we only see darkness when paying our, instead of Light when the service that those tax pay for are in need.

blessings, J
this is why I love Abraham Hicks. they don't talk about conscious/unconscious in definitive terms, they just focus on your emotions as the ultimate guidance system. if you have positive emotion, it doesn't really matter where it is coming from. and if you are intent on increasing how often you feel great, then anything 'unknown' in your subconscious will start to shift. cheers!



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