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Hello all my neat-o, keen-o Co-Creators.

I am in a book group that is coming to the end of their first book.

The book is called "Powerful Intentions" by Wayne Dyer.

Anyway, I usually take notes while reading books so I can reference my notes when disscussing the book.

Unfortunately I didnt note this Chapter but I will come back and edit this when I find out exactly where I read this information.


I found this very inspiring and worthy of taking note of.


Mr. Dyer said that for himself he does the following practice. When in a low frequency vibration he avoids making an intention. He will only make his intentions when he knows he is in a high frequency vibration.


I thought wow !


That is like deliberately sending it out thru the postal service "EXPRESS MAIL" (paying extra for a fast delivery or in this case paying extra attention to what vibration you are in).
He is totally avoiding standard rate postal service or commonly know as Parcel Post

(slow boat to no
Well, how about that...that was a nice bit of planning if you ask me.


So how many of you take part in this practice?

Or do you pay it no attention?

Also what does paying attention mean to you? It means to me that I am GIVING my attention to something or someone. In this case it would be that I am GIVING my attention to the HIGH FREQUENCY. So who resides there in that HIGH FREQUENCY?...yup Source/God/Universe just waiting to practice whats in Universe's Nature, giving back to you.


Thanks Mr. Dyer, Love J

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Hi Jilly,
I agree with what you read from Wayne Dyer. When I set out to put down my intentions for both seasons I waited till I was in a good mood - high frequency to do it. Not only is it more fun but I am also more open to think of more things to set as intentions!
What I have noticed about my daily intentions though is that making a to do list about these intentions elevates my mood so I do sometimes do these when I am not way up there on the frequency level, but that is ok because once I start it shifts for the better.
How about yourself? How do you go about it?
Sending you love and sunshine!
Interesting that you should ask how I practice this.
Actually after reading Mr. Dyers comment I did a bit of thinking on the subject.
I realized that when in a low vibration, I seem to be out of sorts and I dont feel much like rattling off intentions. Intentions seem to be the furthest thing from my mind. What I usually am thinking when in a low vibration is what I can do to raise my vibration. Most times it spending time with Heidi my dog. She puts a smile on my face everytime. Its like weeding a garden...dont like weeding much-equals low vibration...but I think of how it will look when I am finished-equals high vibration.
Love and Sunshine to you also...J
this is really interesting. Thanks Jilly for sharing this. I personally really like wayne Dyer. he certainly rings my bell. What i have started practising recently is this. I have this journal in which I wrote affirmations - all kinds of great affirmations. And i stand in front of the mirror sometimes and say all of them aloud. It takes me about 30 min to go through all I have in that journal. And within a few days I feel something happened to match what i had written. meaning this works. But to take this to the next level I decided to do this exercise right after something great happens. for example if I just came back home after some shopping and i am feeling really happy, i would do this..for extra impact.
how is everybody else practise this? I am curious. And what does wayne dyer suggest we do to exercise this idea?
I think I am like the ones who mentioned that when in low vibration they tend to not put out intentions. Seems it would be true of most. Usually when I am vibrating low my intent is to get back into the vortex.

I had the privileged of going to a lecture that Wayne Dyer gave. It was regarding his son who had autism and how he and his wife brought him out of it by joining him in his space. I think he is a doctor now (the son). Powerful!
Maybe CreateFate can elaborate on the DONTS as she has said in her comment she has had personally experienced this. It is alway enlightening to learn from contrast.

An example of don't do scenario:
Say you have just gotten in an unexpected argument over finances with your spouse. Your vibration sinks to the lowest it has been in several days or months. The argument has come to an end and you are left sitting to ponder the argument and all that had been said. You are in a low vibration as your spouce has walked out the front door to cool off. You sit there THINKING...(thinking being the key word here)...I hate it when he/she walks out, I hate it when we cant talk about this, I hate it when we argue about money and the budget, I hate it when we dont have enough to make ends meet and the list goes on and on.
In this television drama...look at all the THOUGHTS set in motion that are swimming around in the Universe. Remember every thought is manifested. The train of THOUGHTS has just made the situation far worse than it started out to be.
Now, the only up side to this is that when this was swimming around in her/his head they were in a low vibration.
If they had thoughts of...we will get thru this...he/she will come back and we can talk this out...we can work on a budget when we calm down...our expenses will be that same low vibration, all these more desirable thoughts would be set in motion on a slow boat (low vibration also).
Solution (as Dyer proposes). Wait until you have moved from a that low vibration set in motion by the argument. Several days if you have to (known as a cooling down period) until you are in a high vibration and only then approach the situation with a solution and desirable thoughts.


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