The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I had a phone reading about 4 months ago now and I tried my hardest not give away 'free' information on the call so she didn't have the benefit of just cold reading me and my life...etc.

Now I asked about work/love and she said nothing will change this year, and I will get into a new job in December, and I asked about love/relationships, and she said February will be the time I will meet someone that will be love. She also said it makes her wonder whether I will meet this 'love' through work. It did quite make me upset that nothing will change this year and the thought of not be able to do anything to make a difference..etc. But after a few days I decided not to believe what she said, because it goes against all what I have learned about creating your own reality..etc. Now since this call I have been so hopeful, so positive, meditating everyday and taking more action then normal on my part to give me more chance of getting a new job and to meet someone new for relationship.

But now as it is nearly coming to the end of the year, it has started to make me think about what she said, and if what she was saying is actually true! Because everything seems like its going to happen next year, she said nothing will change this year and next year will the year that things happen..etc. At the moment it does seem that everything that I try is just not happening, even things that should be easy!! Because I wanted to prove what she said was wrong, so I took what she said as wrong and I wanted to prove to my self that things will change this year!

But to be truthful nothing has!, now of course I wont fully believe what she said unless these things actual happen in December and February.... and if they do them yeah I will believe.

I just want your thoughts on these Psychic and Mediums readings and things they say are true and what not?

Thank you!

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Kathlyn, In order for Kristy to see your message you need to click on the REPLY TO THIS under her comment, otherwise she wont see it. I would also be interested to hear her reply. Jilly
psychics just read energy. they sense the energy/vibration you radiate at the time, and if the energy stays the same/similar, then things come 'true.' if your energy changes, then the future predictions are false. this is why no psychic can be completely accurate. I used to go to psychics for information about the future; now I go to them to see what's really in my vibration!
I love Cap'n Crunch cereal! I think I will eat a bowl everyday and visualize myself getting that perfect job. Thanks for the tip Jason!
Teejay !

Hope you are doing great. I was just reading this and I just have to say something. Let's say I have a new perspective.

This is a little hard to explain, but I will try. As you go through your life, you are exposed to a lot of advice, tips about everything. But it is your life experience that shows you what works and what does not. In other words, take a minute to think what really worked? which technique worked and which technique worked consistently. You will see a pattern. Do what works and you will move fwd very fast.

about psychics- my feeling is that they are most of the time 80- 90% accurate. and they are merely telling you what is in your vibrational escrow. So in that way it is meaningless to ask them, because you know better. Your work is to eliminate all doubts- as soon as you manage to do that, you got what you wanted. Also the psychic reads in 1 plane, but your soul;s purpose exceeds and transcends what any psychic can read. In other words, if a psychic says no this particular thing wont happen- it means there is a possibility of that happening. If the psychic says this will happen- that means there is a very good possibility of that happening.

last advice- about love relationships- i think be realistic. Sometimes be unrealistic and dream big dreams- and sometimes be realistic. And remember its not a fairy tale- nothing is going to happen if you do nothing. No one is going to "appear" in front of you and after that moment everything is "happily ever after". It does not work that way. My personal opinion is that the true reality is so much more delicious. You gotta play in the real world. Think about what you want, think about what you can do to make it happen, google it, get some ideas, try them. just play with these ideas. and forget about the goal sometimes- just enjoy as much as possible. After all - every day is a day that you can enjoy if you choose. just have the attitude that I will enjoy this day as much as possible, given my circumstances.

Last about not wanting things to remain the same- move 27 things in your house. follow your intuition and do whatever you like- just move things. I guarantee you will see a "movement" in your life. Another tip- put items in odd numbers- odd symbolises instability in a way- even symbolises stability. so for just a week may be put items in 3 or 5- such as candles or toothbrushes or I dont know - anything really. 3 plants for example. and if you encounter too much change then put them back to even numbered arrangements. LOL

one last thing - take one action that is very very easy and simple- that you would have taken, if what you wanted already happened.

You said -

One certain aspect i firmly believe in is astrology. 100%! But without the prediction part. I have some books about astrology wich covers a ton of aspects in each starsign and these more advanced starsigns. I'm not talking about these little booklets and articles where u can even switch starsigns so that it still makes sense to anyone, but i'm talking about books that really digg into it. Very detailed!!

I have a strong interest in astrology and I am truly interested in learning more. Can you tell me which books you are recommending? I am a sagittarius to a T :)
Hey Gregory

I actually am looking forward to reading my first serious astrology book. So far I have read other kinds of books related to sipirtuality. I downloaded a PDF called " the astrology of God" (it is free & you can google it to get a copy). I haven't really read it yet.

SO far I have browsed through websites and sometimes I check out the astrology forecast fr sagittarians on you tube and use it to my advantage.

thanks for letting me know about those books - I will check them out soon.



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