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I watched the  Abraham Hicks video about staying in the vortex and when we are not in the vortex we cannot get the desires we want, because we are outside and our desire is inside. Hope that makes sense. Anyways, I am wanting my perfect job (I am in between jobs) and I can feel myself getting close... I am getting job offers but they are jobs that are so low paying I cannot afford to take them. These jobs are not anywhere near the money I am requesting from LOA - I wrote it down on my list so I know the dollar amount I want.  If what I want is already here then why am I not offered the job I want? I stay in the vortex quite a bit and pump myself up vibrationally.


Abraham says that our desire is already here but I am getting offers that I don't want. Why bother sending me jobs that I don't want? Any suggestions?  

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Hi Inge,

I am actually in the same boat as you are, and among other things wanting the perfect job. I am also a big fan of Abraham Hicks and I think I understand their teachings somewhat. Basically, 1st step is that you have to believe that your dream job will find you and one day you will get what you want and that will make you feel satisfies, relieved and wonderful. Sometimes the universe throws things at us, but its upto us/you to decide if you want it or not. The good news is that you are on your way to your dream job. Because what you decribed is some progress. I am also in the same boat in a way, applying and waiting for calls for interviews and preparing etc etc. I found one technique that would be helpful. I recently started a journal and I dedicated this particular journal to this goal of receiving the perfect job with the perfect salary. In it everyday I write down 5 things I am grateful for with respect to this goal,and 5 actions I took that day towards that goal. SOmeimes i journal about my thoughts/frustrations etc again about this goal. This clears up my mind somewhat and gives me ideas on what I can do. Abraham says that the best way to speed up the process is to go on a rampage of appreciation about this particular goal. So if you can, set your timer to 30 min or 1 hour, if possible (even 5 min should be ok) and talk aloud/or write about all the things that you are grateful for that are helping you getting one step closer to your dream job. Additionally, you can say light a candle and/or incense get in the mood of feeling good and in a state of relaxation, and just close your eyes and imagine living the life now having this dream job, how great it is to be in the fabulous office, how nice the co-workers are.. etc etc...imagine as many details as long as they are exciting, and smell,see, touch, hear ..all using your imagination. That helps. Lastly, ignore the negative reality. If that is hard to do, ignore the negative reality for 3 days.. and just feel happy and keep taking action. Don't think Im doing this, but what for. Just do it feeling happy and knowing that that energy is going to explode somewhere. It wont be lost. I used to do this, I have recently overcome a big flaw of mine-procrastination and fear. & this is really taking me on the next level.So hope this helps you. Just keep doing it until it happens.
Thank you Jenna for the suggestion. I will work on that idea today. I do keep a gratitude journal but it was not specific to my job search. I will narrow that down. Inge
Inge :)
the offers you are getting are matching the vibration you are offering, exactly. no exceptions!! if you are focused on the $$$ amount and feel the wanting/yearning of the money (which are much more resistant than pure desire), then you are coated with resistance and the job cannot get through to you.
instead of focusing on a specific job or a specific dollar amount, focus on how you want your job to make you FEEL. write a list of how your dream job will make you feel. do you want to feel prosperous? free? creative? structured? responsible? when you focus on and practise the feelings you want to feel, the Universe matches that positive feeling vibration and brings you ALL good things that you are wanting, not just a job and money.
re: the jobs you are being offered, how do you feel at the interview? if you feel great in the environment, you never know what the Universe may be planning for you should you take it. a colleague of mine wrote music for many years before selling one to an artist no-one had heard of. one year later she was a superstar and he was rich.
just feel awesome and put your focus elsewhere. and your fabulous-feeling job is right inside of you, not somewhere outside. feel it from the inside out. much love to you :)
thank you for the advice. I will change my perspective today and work on my feelings. Have a great day! INge


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