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Hi Co-Creators!

Something has been niggling at me and I'd like to get some perspective from seasoned LOA practitioners. In Season 1, I created a Vision Board and have since put it away as I don't want to answer questions about it when people come to visit me. I find it very personal and like to be selective of who I share my intentions with, considering I wouldn't welcome the skepticism I may receive from others and fear it could sway me from the belief I try to hold on to.

I have recently been considering creating another vision board, one I can put on the wall in front of my bed so its the first thing I see when I wake up and last I see before sleeping. But now my fear is that I will be exposed to the things I want in my life so badly that I will feel the lack of having them in my life because my desires and intentions will be displayed in front of me all the time.

So my question is:
How do I look at my vision board without feeling the lack of the things I display on it that I so badly want to invite into my life? Even if I pretend I already have it in my life, the fact that its on my vision board is an indication I am lacking it.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

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i have that problem too, when i start saying things or visualizing things i sometimes focus on the fact that i'm saying and visualizing these things because i DON'T have what i'm looking for. for me, i think it just takes a matter of discipline to some degree (or at least it does for me!)--if you do decide to put the vision board up, then i would make sure to pay close attention to how it affects you. soo i would imagine that its a matter of focus and knowing yourself...would youlet yourself focu on the negative to the point that the board would not be helpful? if so, i might put it up somewhere else in my house...if not, though it could be a good discipline building exercise where you like make sure that you focus on the fact that in truth you already DO have all that you ask for even though it can be difficult to pretend...then i'd definatelty keep it visible! good luck and thanks for asking the question, i have the same problem with affirmations! much love, taylor
Thanks Taylor and Cindy! Your suggestions are great and I'll be trying them out. I got some other fantastic suggestions on my blog post where I asked the same question...feel free to check it out if you want to see what others recommended too!


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