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Good afternoon all my joyful Co-Creators.

I’m writing this per my son’s request. You see,… we had this deep discussion about blocks and my wisdom hit home with him. He asked me if I blogged about this topic and shared this with others on Co-Creators. I told him that I hadn’t. He said that I most definitely had to blog this for others to hear and that what I was saying was profound.


This from my son….lol…I suppose I made an impression  on him.

So here goes.


I read here often about blockages. Many have asked how to clear them or get past them. I shared with my son how I see it and how I proceed with such matters.


First I would like to make a list of things that I would like you all to take note of or at least question yourself about.


Where does the blockage come from?

  • Blockages come from a life experience that has affected you in a deep way. So much so that you carried it with you for a long time.
  • Blockages can be something from the past or from the present (from childhood or adulthood).
  • Blockages can be unconscious or conscious.
  • Blockages can be deeply rooted or simply on the surface for all to examine.
  • Blockages can come from programming (family heritages/teachings etc)
  • Blockages can come from trauma of some sort.
  • Blockages can come for a number of venues, these are just some to consider.


Ok so now we have cover where they come from and now we have to consider how they affect us.


How do blockages affect us?


  • Blockages separate us from connecting to Source, from manifesting, from love and joy.
  • Blockages have a strong hold on us.
  • Blockages take our power away, making us weak.
  • Blockages can be the mega power of clutter in our lives that hold us back.
  • Blockages stand up and take notice and rule our lives if we allow them. When we don’t allow them to rule us, we are still in bondage by them, because they rear their ugly heads at times and knock us down again and again. Leaving us to wonder how we let this happen.
  • There are a number of affects that blockages have on us, this is just some to consider.

Ok so now the colossal question is, how do we clear blockages for good so that they never return? How do we set ourselves free?


How do I clear blockages in my life so that I can live a free life?  Free to manifest and create in the most profound (blow me out of the water) way.

  • First you must forgive. So how do we fully forgive? We take the word give out of forgive. Let me explain. Say you were bullied as a child in school by someone. That bully was a thief, taking power from you. You see, you were unconscious at the time and the thief came and took for example your dignity or your self confidence. You carried this for a long time. You also carried dislike in your heart for that person who did this. You now must give to that person that which he/she has taken from you. You now can give to that person as a charitable gift that which they have taken while acting as a thief. You see, now that person is no longer a thief. He/she is now a receiver of your love/gift. You have transformed yourself to be a giver in the situation and transformed the thief as a receiver of a gift. You will make a profound affect on the person releasing them from the wrong they have done you. By doing this you are improving the lives of others, one person at a time. You have dissolved the hate. If the story still comes up in our mind, you have not fully forgiven them. You are holding it over their heads and reminding the Universe of the wrong they have done. 
  • There is also the deep meaning attached to “living in the past or old beliefs”. Old beliefs can keeps you in bondage of blockages. If generations of family members did something a certain way and passed this on to you, you are in bondage of that old belief. You can forgive them for instilling the lie in your unconscious. Give the lie back. The lie was the truth to them and if it worked for them great. If it didn’t it was their now, not your now. This releases them and allows you to entertain the best “now” scenario for you.  


I hope this makes sense. If you have any questions I would be glad to address them.

I have stories of my own regarding blockages and examples of my own situations.

Example: I lent someone a large amount of money. I harbored ill feelings when that person didn’t pay it back. Years pasted. By not paying the money back, I pictured them as a thief. When I decided to gift the money to them (in my heart) it released the fact that I was a victim and merely a giver and released that idea that they were a thief. Now that they are not a thief in my eyes they have taken nothing from me. I have set us both free.


Love and peace, Jilly

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sooo, SOOO timely Jilly.

Again, how grateful I am to the One who creates all...for bringing me what I needed, when I needed it most.

Blessings be upon you as always.


Thank your son for me.  I like seeing things in a different light.  It makes a lot of sense.  You give others what you either labels, assumed, or believed was taken from you.  I more I think about it, the more I like it..... Soooo, if I give freely to others the money, self-confidence, insecurities ... cool!  I've got a lot to give away!  Look out!  More inner housecleaning to do, and it's so simple.  It's a simple shift of perception of the stories I've told myself.  Add a hug in there for your son -- and you!  Thank you for sharing.  :o)
Hi Niki, I don't know how I miss this reply. Yes you are right, we all have so much to give. Hugs back at ya, Jilly
This is an interesting way of looking at things.  So in my blog post today, I wrote about a friend of mine who is no longer a friend and I still harbor some ill feelings.  I need to think about what I feel she has taken from me and give it back.  I'm not 100% sure...maybe trust...maybe our friendship. Yes, I feel she took away our friendship and pushed me out of her life.  So, do I give her back our friendship?

Hi Lori, Sorry it took so long to reply to your question (So, do I give her back our friendship?).

Honestly, at first it stumped me. I needed to meditate on the question and the situation. I can only answer asuming that I can read between the lines. I have read your blog and I get the gist of the situation.

From what you said, the combination of your personal relationship and your professional relationship clashed. The personal relationship being your friendship and your professional relationship being her landlord.

No, to your question in my opinion. You see, you want to be her friend and you gave her your friendship already. This is in good standing and you didn't take your friendship back.

The situation in this case is, she is the one that gave you her friendship and she is the one that took back that friendship. So you can now ask yourself the question...what was the affect of her taking back something that she gave you? When she took back her friendship how did it affect you? Did it make you sad? Did it make you angry? Bottom line here is that she gave you a gift of her friendship and she took it back and it cause you to be sad in an area that only you know. You are morning the lose of that gift. Once you get past the morning of the lose is when you will be set free. Examine the gift and how it was given and taken away. Do you want to be in a friend relationship with someone that gives then takes away.

I remind you that I can only read between the lines. I don't know the entire story. Only you do.

Thanks for the response.  I thought about it all yesterday.  I hadn't actually thought about it in that way; I hadn't thought that she took away the friendship.  That is true.  After a certain point of being pushed away, I got angry and basically decided that I couldn't continue to pursue her friendship.  She stopped calling me, and I also stopped calling her...but that was after a few weeks of me trying to get together with her over our Christmas break and constantly having her cancel plans on me. 


Of course it's complicated and in the back of my mind after something happened (can't exactly remember what happened) I knew that our friendship had to change.  I think I was getting clearer on what I wanted in a friendship, and she wasn't meeting it. But then she was basically angry at me for something I did and had huge expectations of me which she never quite verbalized and instead pushed me away which she had done many times before.  The difference this time is that I didn't push back.  So it is very complicated, and I think I do have to let go of it all , but deep inside when I write this I am still very angry and very sad and very hurt.  On the plus side, it has pushed me into looking for new relationships and I've gotten closer to my husband.  I think I relied too much on her and so other areas of my life have shifted in very positive ways. 


Thanks for the reply and the thought you put into my situation. 

Smiling here.

You are quite welcome. It allowed me to meditate on situations like these in my own life.

What came to me as I read your recent reply was:

SHE gave you a gift of "Closer to my husband" that which you can thank her and be grateful.

SHE also gave you a gift of "room for "NEW RELATIONSHIPS/FRIENDS" that which you can thank her and be grateful.

These two examples can calm and diminish the anger. It turns the sad to happy by causing you to seek new friends and become closer to hubby. Both transforms the hurt into feeling good. I love the plus side and the positive shift you talk of.

Funny how her actions have cleared the clutter in your life. Another thing to be grateful for huh.

You are truly blessed, Hugs J

I agree and I've thought of that.  I think I need to thank her for what she's given me and forgive her for everything that has happened which is a little difficult still.  She is who she is and she can't change that.  Maybe when I told the universe that I wanted our friendship to change and I put out there what I wanted, the universe knew that she could never meet those conditions.  It's not in her nature which isn't her fault.  It's who she is.  Still, I miss her.  But it is time to nurture me. 

Jilly, I love your perspective on blockages and how you have found your way to get them out of your life!  This is very creative and I have used something similar during many years to also release the blockages.  Your detailed description of how we create these blocks and their effects on our life is pretty clear.  I would like, if you allow me, to bring an additional perspective on how to release the blockages, fears, old conditionnings that don't serve us anymore, etc. 


Think about this:  all existence is energy and therefore is vibration.  Thoughts, desire, belielfs are then also a vibration.  We all agree that we create through our thoughts, desire and beliefs and that we unconsciously created the blockages as a result of our emotional reaction to some events that took place in our life (or past lifes, or wherever / whenever it occured).  So  we can simply use the same means of 'intent' to release them. It is simple and powerful... because our thoughts are much more powerful than what we have been told and we can command and direct them in a specific way to create- therefore, we can in the same way 'undo'  what we have created that we don't want anymore....


And where are the blockages stored in our body?  They are in our cellular memory... this is information that has been added to our cells that command our  life!  The good news is that our cellular memory can be changed!  This is what you do when you work on forgiving and let go of the old emotions... yet for this you need to remember what happened - which we don't always do... What I find very useful is simply to identify the negative fears or emotions that keep us stock, release them with the intent and then replace them with what we want...  Here is an example of how this can be done:  let's say you feel anger but you don't know why you feel angry at everyone or everything (or maybe you do!). 

As you already know, when we are in that negative emotional state of anger, we are out of alignment with Source, so I will use the following formula to first raise my vibration and align with Source:


• I ask and intend to connect to Source and the energy of my Divine Creator now.

• I ask and intend to bring this Source Energy through my physical body and in this physical space.

• I ask and intend to feel the energy of Source fill my entire being now.

• I ask and intend that the energy of Source restore my wellbeing, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, now.

• And so it is


And then, I would use this formula: 'I ask and intend to release the anger (at XXX or because of XXX).  I command my subconsicous to completely release this anger from every cell of my physical body, from my subconscious, conscious and cellular memory and to replace it with new energies that are beneficial to who I really am and that allow me to feel powerful, free to choose.'  This is only an example, as you can tailor that formula to your very specific needs. 


It is very powerful and so easy to do! 


With all my love






Hi Domi, As I understand where you are coming from with your example, I am inclined to venture that others might not. You see, the formula you have provided is in a way a temporary fix. By this, I mean that clearing the blockage as you propose without knowing consciously what the blockage only putting a bandage on the blockage allowing it to return at a future time (something that happens most often and causes frustration).  Much like a cancer cell. You think its gone and years later it re-surfaces.

I completely understand the cellular memory you are talking of.

Here are my additional thoughts about your formula.


• I ask and intend to connect to Source and the energy of my Divine Creator now.

I believe that we are all connected to Source always. I don't believe we ever really disconnect completely. How we are connected is what is in question? Are we in a high frequency or low frequency? Remembering that all that is created is from source and has a frequency vibration.

• I ask and intend to bring this Source Energy through my physical body and in this physical space.

This Source Energy is already through your physical body. At what Frequency vibration is the question? Source is also in all physical space (omnipresent).

• I ask and intend to feel the energy of Source fill my entire being now.

Intending for this energy to fill your being is short said. Rather intending to raise your frequency vibration through meditation of choice. (mine happens to be gardening).

• I ask and intend that the energy of Source restore my wellbeing, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, now.

I believe that well-being comes from the high frequency vibration. Its all about staying in that high frequency vibration.

• And so it is

I'm not sure that is all that's to it as you say.

You see Domi, In this age of "The Awakening" all will come to realize the short comings of the unknown unconscious and what hides there. All are awakening and becoming more and more conscious. Some at an accelerated rate. Those that practice meditatation/seek knowledge/seek source on a spiritual plane aid in this accelerated rate. The veil is being lifted.

Removing blockages is a facet of the acceleration.

In advance...I appreciate you fully to allow me to agree with some of what you have said. While raising our frequency vibration...the cellular makeup of who we are will vibrate to a higher frequency exposing the blockage so that we can now choose to deal with it as I propose in my this discussion writings. You called it our "cellular memory". Yes, that memory will bring the information to our consciousness. With this I agree.

Many blessings to you Domi for allowing me to further discuss this subject and shedding more light on the topic.

Hugs Jilly

Thank you Jilly for this post! This makes sooooo much sense!!! When others have tried to harm me or hurt me, and they have, I always think of a way that I can help them. what can I give to them? To make their life better, so they can stop trying to make others feel bad, the way they do. How can I help? I never looked at it as a way for me to release the blockage, but sounds like this is exactly what I have been doing. Tell your son, thank you for the reminder! I wish you both the best!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Love, I am sorry that I didn't get back to you on this. Yes, That is right.  You can help other by just giving instead of lending. When we lend we are putting someone in dept. Hugs J


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